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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello Kitty Face Masks

Why this is actually a "thing", I do not know. But, hey, if you're gunna do something, you might as well do it Hello Kitty style, am I right? ^_^

So I guess, in a roundabout way, I have to approve of Hello Kitty face masks!! XD

Weird and creepy Hello Kitty bullet proof face mask and gun
This is just.... creepy....

Goth girl wearing weird Hello Kitty face mask
Very futuristic looking use of a Hello Kitty face mask lol
She has pretty eyes <3

Cute asian girl wearing weird Hello Kitty face mask
This is adorable ^_^

Goth girl wearing weird Hello Kitty gas mask
Hello Kitty gas mask....

Asian guy wearing weird Hello Kitty face mask
Another random Hello Kitty face mask lol


  1. Wow, the first is horrifying! I, like you honestly have no idea the reasons anyone would have for owning one of these but cool photos all the same!

  2. I like the blue haired girl's mask

  3. Maybe that first one was actually designed for girl hockey players? I hope...and I guess if you have to wear a gas mask, it may as well be cute!

  4. You are too adorable nevermind the Hello Kitty stuff! I want to marry you, are you single?

  5. It would be funny to see doctors or dentists wearing hk masks!


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