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Monday, 19 September 2011

Hello Kitty Beds

Even Hello Kitty has to sleep sometime - no one can stay awake forever!
And can you really think of anything you would rather collapse into, after a hard day at work or school, than a warm cuddly Hello Kitty bed.

Cuddling Hello Kitty to dream land....


Hello Kitty bed sheets and duvet cover
 Look at all those Hello Kitty pillows!!
It's so pink! ^_^

Hello Kitty stripey bed sheets and duvet cover
I love the black and white stripes
behind the big Hello Kitty face
and the little hot pink bits.
So funky and SO cute.

Hello Kitty bed sheets and duvet cover
This Hello Kitty is also really cute.
Again - I love the pink, black and white colors on this duvet.
With the tiled Hello Kitty faces and bows ^_^

Hello Kitty modern white bed design
I love the design of this bed.
It's so fresh and modern.
Very sleek.
That bow is perfection.
Quite possibly my favorite of all of these Hello Kitty beds.

Hello Kitty cute storage table bed design
I would have loved to have this Hello Kitty bed as a child.
Oh heck, I would love to have it now as an adult! XD
SO cute and so pink....
Cute storage compartments at the bottoms
and the attached side table is genius!
I totally need one of these.....

Hello Kitty bunk bed play house tent design
And who needs just a bed when you can have a BED TENT!!
Yes, a Hello Kitty bunk bed tent.
Amazing, isn't it?
I love the cute little stairs that go up
to the top bunk where the bed is.
And then there's like a cute little canopy thing
that pops up over the top.
And an absolutely adorable Hello Kitty playhouse at the bottom
with a door and EVERYTHING!!
I don't care how old I am....
I want this.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hello Kitty Purses

Everyone needs a purse or wallet and there is nobody that I trust more with my money than Hello Kitty.

I tried to find a variety of Hello Kitty purses and wallets so that there may be something for everyone in this selection.

Hello Kitty nerd purse wallet
 The classic I <3 Nerds Hello Kitty
is back again with a cute little wallet.
Nerdy Hello Kitty is taking over!!

Hello Kitty spotty purse wallet
 I love the pink spotty polka dot background of this purse.
And Hello Kitty's face poking out the corner is always cute.

Hello Kitty angry punk purse wallet
 I love this punk patchy look to this wallet.
Even Hello Kitty gets moody sometimes lol
The grayscale black and white suits the style,
and who said Hello Kitty can't be cute when she's angry?

Hello Kitty angry punk purse wallet
 Another grumpy Hello Kitty purse.
This time just the face.
That bow in her hair is adorable.

Hello Kitty rainbow purse wallet
 Another cute and colorful wallet from Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty canvas earth green purse wallet
 I love these hippy style Hello Kitty wallets.
This one is made out of canvas
and looks like Hello Kitty is protecting the world lol
I love the peace sign she's making too =]

Hello Kitty pouch purse wallet
 This is a cute idea.
A Hello Kitty wallet that you can strap onto your belt like a pouch
or easily clip a keychain too.
The pink and black is so basic yet so cute.

Hello Kitty rainbow purse wallet
 I'm not sure what it is I like about this one.
I like the stripey patchy look about this, I guess.
The design is basic yet interesting.

Hello Kitty studded purse wallet
The glittery Hello Kitty background
totally works against the black trim
and the studded edge. 

Hello Kitty nerd purse wallet
And I thought I would put up another Nerdy Hello Kitty one last.
Because this purse is totally cute.
The glasses give her face more shape so it doesn't look
as square as it would without.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Hello Kitty Cars

I don't drive but if I did, you know I'd be rockin' one of these bad girls!! teehee.
I don't really know a lot about cars either, so sorry for not knowing what certain cars are called 'n' stuff lol

Hello Kitty gangsta car
Hello Kitty gangsta car haha

Hello Kitty smart car
This is so adorable.
Is this a Hello Kitty smart car?
I'm not sure what they're called.
But that design is totally cute and looks so slick!

Hello Kitty car
This looks a little photoshopped to me.
And even if it were to exist in real life,
I think it's a tiny bit too Barbie-ish for my personal taste.

Hello Kitty pick up truck car
Hello Kitty pick up truck heehee
I love it!!

Hello Kitty Porsche car
I'm also unsure as to whether this Hello Kitty Porsche looks real also.
But if it was.... this is awesome.

Hello Kitty Volkswagon Beetle car
Hello Kitty Volkswagen Beetle, isn't it?
The yellow is a fresh change from pink,
but I still prefer pink to yellow to be honest >.<

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello Kitty with her Doggy Owners

Hello Kitty loves making new friends!! And these are some of the cutest pictures I've seen of Hello Kitty with her puppy pals. If you love cute dogs and you love cute Hello Kitty, you will love this.

Dog with Hello Kitty plush soft toy
the doggy looks like he loves Hello Kitty.
He even has a Hello Kitty bone-shaped cushion!!

Dog with Hello Kitty plush soft toy
Look at the way that the dog is cuddling Hello Kitty.
Best friends for life!!

Dog with Hello Kitty plush soft toy
This dog is so cute!
The look on his face is just too adorable what with his big eyes!!
I'm loving that zebra costume on Hello Kitty too <3

Dog with Hello Kitty plush soft toy at Christmas
I bet this adorable little dog is having a fantastic Christmas!
Her little outfit is so cute and I love how she's just standing there
in between her Hello Kitty friends!

Small puppy dog with Hello Kitty plush soft toy collection
I bet you didn't even see the puppy at first, did you!
OMG, this little puppy is so tiny!!
It's smaller than all the other Hello Kittys lol
What a lucky little puppy to have so many friends!!
I am so jealous, I wish I had that many Hello Kitty friends XD

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weird Hello Kitty Tattoos

Tattoos aren't for everybody.

Especially if you're young!! So be careful before you scroll down. Because a couple of these may not be to your uhh..... taste?

You have been warned!!

Hello Kitty axe murderer weird tattoo
At first glance you're like
"aww that's cute...."
til you realize
"wait. Why is Hello Kitty holding an axe
covered in blood??"

Hello Kitty creepy eyes mask weird tattoo
I think this tattoo is really pretty.
But those eyes are really creepy.
Like some evil monster wearing a Hello Kitty mask....

Hello Kitty religious Jesus christian weird tattoo
 Is this Hello Kitty Jesus??
Surely this is rather offensive, isn't it?

Hello Kitty cyber goth weird tattoo on forehead
Why is Hello Kitty impaled on this man's head
with a blue spike???

Hello Kitty hand scarification weird tattoo
 This is a Hello Kitty scarification tattoo.
Instead of ink, Hello Kitty is cut into his hand
to leave a Hello Kitty scar.
Must have hurt a lot!!

Hello Kitty cute zombie weird tattoo
I kinda like this one actually.
Hello Kitty is super kawaii as a zombie!!
Zombie Hello Kitty tattoo - yay!! lol
Even when she's gunna eat your brains,
she's still super super adorable

Hello Kitty dog weird tattoo
Believe it or not.....
this Hello Kitty tattoo is actually on the belly of a dog!!
Now I don't know about you,
but this isn't cute to me....
This is just creepy.....

So what do you think??

Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello Kitty Apron Set

I love baking cookies. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite <333

But I would absolutely LOVE to bake cookies wearing one of these aprons! ^_^

Hello Kitty apron
This is absolutely adorable.
I wonder whether those heart shapes are pockets!
This one is my favorite.

Hello Kitty apron
Awww I love that Hello Kitty face on the front!!

Hello Kitty apron
This one is childrens' size.
How cute is this!!
I would have loved to have this as a little girl....

Hello Kitty oven glove
I want this the most though!!
Hello Kitty oven gloves!!
It's so so cute!!

Which one is your favorite??

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hello Kitty Alcohol

Now I'm not condoning drinking alcohol. At all. But I can understand that some people do.... And for all you adult Hello Kitty fanatics out there, why drink regular alcohol when you can drink Hello Kitty alcohol? Oh right.... Probably the price, I can imagine.... >.<

Hello Kitty Alcohol
 To tell you the truth,
I don't know what kinda alcohol this is.
But I am assured by various websites that this drink is indeed alcoholic.

Hello Kitty Becks Beer
 Hello Kitty beer.....
I don't know about you guys but I've got a feeling
that this is photoshopped and fake.
Feel free to argue.

Hello Kitty Wine
Various bottles of Hello Kitty wine,
complete with the packaging
and Hello Kitty wine glasses lol
Hello Kitty Wine
Close up on one of the Hello Kitty wines.
How cute is that Hello Kitty pendant hanging from the neck bottle?
Hello Kitty Wine
I love the black/purple and black/pink
design of this bottle.
I don't know why.

Hello Kitty Wine
 This is a rather cute bottle....
Hello Kitty Wine
 The Hello Kitty wine collection.....
Hello Kitty Wine
Hello Kitty wine at a supermarket.
The label on this one is so kawaii!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances

So a while back I posted up some pictures of an adorable Hello Kitty kitchen set. Unfortunately everything was small and plastic and would probably be more suitable to a Hello Kitty dollhouse than your actual house >.<

BUT not to worry.... I have found some awesome life-sized Hello Kitty appliances and various stuff for your kitchen!! Which I'm sure, if I had, I would never leave the kitchen. I would just be constantly cooking for me and my cat lol (And friends too.... I have friends! I promise! >.>)

Hello Kitty kitchen cooking pot
 Remember that Hello Kitty pasta?
Imagine cooking it in here!!

Hello Kitty kitchen crock pot slow rice cooker
 Hello Kitty slow cooker....
So you can steam your vegetables and whatnot.
And cook your yummy yummy rice!!
Hello Kitty kitchen utensil holder
 I want a Hello Kitty kitchen utensil holder in my kitchen!!
And another one in the middle of my table for cutlery....

Hello Kitty kitchen toastie maker
Hello Kitty toastie maker.
Or toasted sandwich maker. 
Whatever you prefer it to be called.
I love toasties.... and with Hello Kitty's face in the middle of it??
Why, that's just amazing. 

Hello Kitty kitchen toaster
 Or if you just want quick and easy slices of toast.
So you can butter it yourself or what have you,
this is also amazing!

Hello Kitty kitchen oven toaster
Hello Kitty mini oven and grill....
Hello Kitty kitchen coffee maker
Hello Kitty coffee maker.....
Hello Kitty kitchen oven and coffee maker 
Or a combination of both!!
(Though personally I prefer those two items
separate from eachother) 
Hello Kitty coffee
 And I know this isn't a kitchen appliance, 
but you're gunna need some Hello Kitty coffee
to go with that coffee maker!

Hello Kitty cute kitchen 
 And this is an image of the Hello Kitty mini kitchen
as seen last week but in an appropriately sized dollhouse.
So, cuties and die hard Hello Kitty junkies, 
this is how you must strive your kitchen to look like