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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hello Kitty Purses

Everyone needs a purse or wallet and there is nobody that I trust more with my money than Hello Kitty.

I tried to find a variety of Hello Kitty purses and wallets so that there may be something for everyone in this selection.

Hello Kitty nerd purse wallet
 The classic I <3 Nerds Hello Kitty
is back again with a cute little wallet.
Nerdy Hello Kitty is taking over!!

Hello Kitty spotty purse wallet
 I love the pink spotty polka dot background of this purse.
And Hello Kitty's face poking out the corner is always cute.

Hello Kitty angry punk purse wallet
 I love this punk patchy look to this wallet.
Even Hello Kitty gets moody sometimes lol
The grayscale black and white suits the style,
and who said Hello Kitty can't be cute when she's angry?

Hello Kitty angry punk purse wallet
 Another grumpy Hello Kitty purse.
This time just the face.
That bow in her hair is adorable.

Hello Kitty rainbow purse wallet
 Another cute and colorful wallet from Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty canvas earth green purse wallet
 I love these hippy style Hello Kitty wallets.
This one is made out of canvas
and looks like Hello Kitty is protecting the world lol
I love the peace sign she's making too =]

Hello Kitty pouch purse wallet
 This is a cute idea.
A Hello Kitty wallet that you can strap onto your belt like a pouch
or easily clip a keychain too.
The pink and black is so basic yet so cute.

Hello Kitty rainbow purse wallet
 I'm not sure what it is I like about this one.
I like the stripey patchy look about this, I guess.
The design is basic yet interesting.

Hello Kitty studded purse wallet
The glittery Hello Kitty background
totally works against the black trim
and the studded edge. 

Hello Kitty nerd purse wallet
And I thought I would put up another Nerdy Hello Kitty one last.
Because this purse is totally cute.
The glasses give her face more shape so it doesn't look
as square as it would without.


  1. The first one and the last one are awesome! :D

  2. I like the "I (aple) nerds" :D

  3. The first one is my favourite! I "apple" nerds too! :P

  4. I could do with a wallet right now after recently losing mine and as cool and pretty these things are I think I might receive some serious abuse for owning one! Thanks for sharing though, some interesting photos!

  5. I love them all. For the longest time I wanted a Hello Kitty laptop carrier but I've never seen one around. I finally broke down and bought something colorful and settled for Hello Kitty pajamas. :)

  6. CUTE! My fave is the glittery one!

  7. I just wanted you to know that I gave you an award in my new post. :)

  8. great blog i love.. Bdw check out my blog n lets follow each other

  9. They are all cute but I think the first one is the best. Followed you back! :)


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