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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hello Kitty Clipboards

I used to use a clipboard a lot but they were never as cute as this!! Clipboards can be really helpful for all sorts of things and these Hello Kitty clipboards are practical and adorable!!

Hello Kitty clipboard
Simple and cute.
I love how Hello Kitty's face is the clip.

Hello Kitty clipboard
This is a classic ^_^

Hello Kitty clipboard
Awww this one has the matching Hello Kitty note paper
and matching Hello Kitty pen!

Hello Kitty clipboard
I love the pattern for this!!
Looks like my big Hello Kitty poster next to my desk!

Hello Kitty clipboard
This one is amazing!!
It even has a Hello Kitty photo frame!!

Hello Kitty clipboard
Looks like someone made this one
and they did a really good job too!
I love the calendar at the top.
The whole design is amazing!

Hello Kitty clipboard
This also looks hand crafted.
The bow at the top for the clip is a very nice touch ^_^

Hello Kitty clipboard
Oh wow! This one is translucent pink!
Soooo cute!

Friday, 22 June 2012

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai

What's up, cuties?
Hello Kitty has been a busy little kitty. The world's first Hello Kitty themed spa has now been opened in Dubai! They pretty much offer everything a good spa and beauty parlor should! You can go there to get massaged and pampered and they offer a huge range of Hello Kitty organic beauty products, make up, cosmetics and hair products! The spa was designed by Miyuki Okamura (from Tokyo) who made an appearance at the grand opening.

And that's not all! They also have a Hello Kitty cafe! And guess what is the best thing about the Hello Kitty spa cafe....

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai
What it looks like from the outside.
Sooo fresh and elegant looking!!

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - Massage bed
Get your massages here!

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - Massage bed
Mmm.... how comfortable does that look?

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - Sofa
That is such a cute sofa!!

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - Cafe cupcakes

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - cupcakes
One of the Hello Kitty girls who work there
showing the Hello Kitty cupcakes!! ^_^

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - beauty products and massage bed
All those Hello Kitty beauty products!!

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - hair salon
Time for your make over!!

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - lotions
Hello Kitty lotions.

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai - beauty products, manicure and pedicure
Get a Hello Kitty manicure/pedicure!
What color would you like today? ^_^

World's First Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai
Lots of Hello Kitty goodies!!

You can check out their
official website here!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hello Kitty Black T-Shirts

I love to wear black t-shirts just because they go with everything lol. I tried to find the cutest black Hello Kitty t-shirts that I could find on the internet. And here they are!!

Hello Kitty Black and white squares grid old-fashioned style T-Shirt
I think this one has a really cute
black and white style.

Hello Kitty Black army "Ready For Action" T-Shirt
This one would look so cute with some baggy pants, no?

Hello Kitty Black ninja "Super Stealth" T-Shirt
Hello Kitty as a ninja!!

Hello Kitty Black doodle scribble graffiti T-Shirt
Awww I really love this design.
Looks like a Hello Kitty doodle or scribble. 

Hello Kitty Black colorful rainbow clouds and hearts T-Shirt
Aww.... this shirt is cute.
Very colorful for a black t-shirt ^_^

Hello Kitty Black Twilight movie vampires and werewolves T-Shirt
And for all you Twilight fans!!
You can get yourself a Hello Kitty t-shirt
to represent your love for vampires of werewolves!
Do you love werewolves or boys that sparkle?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hello Kitty Cyborg

I just found this in my Hello Kitty image folder and I'm not sure where I found it - it must have been sitting in there for a long time lol. But I think that it is very creative.

If anyone has any idea where this came from, please let me know in the comments!! I would love to find out.

Hello Kitty Cyborg Robot Full Life-Size Model
It's what Hello Kitty would look like as a life size cyborg!!
I think it's amazing and I love the attention to detail.
It's just so well done, and cute!!
I wanna see if the artist did anything else similar...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello Kitty and Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus isn't for everyone. (Especially in her recent months....) But she is a Hello Kitty fan! So I thought it would be interesting to include some photos of Miley Cyrus and Hello Kitty. 

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) with Hello Kitty bag
Cute bag, Miley! ^_^

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) with Hello Kitty plush doll soft toy
Aww! I like this photo.
And that Hello Kitty plush doll is just too cute!

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) kissing Hello Kitty
D'aww.... that's sweet.
I would give Hello Kitty a great big kiss too!!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway #3 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Hello Kitty Forever's JUNE 2012 GIVEAWAY!!

Giveaways happen on the first week of every month so be sure to enter again each month. You are still eligible to win even if you have already won the previous month!

Congratulations to the winners!!

1st Place:
Who won herself this super cute Hello Kitty t-shirt!!
In her choice of pink, black and white.

Hello Kitty Fake Backpack T-shirt
Which you can buy here for $20.00

2nd Place:
Who has won herself a cute Hello Kitty fluffy hat with ears!!
Hello Kitty's face is embroidered onto the soft plush hat.
Cute, no?

Hello Kitty Fluffy Hat With Ears
Which you can buy here for $12.00

3rd Place:
Hana Sakura
Who has won herself a very lovely little Hello Kitty phone holder!
(Or a holder for anything really, like stationary ^_^)

Hello Kitty Mobile Plush Cellphone Holder Dock
Which you can buy here for $7.60

Winners have been contacted!!
So check your emails
to find out how to redeem your prize,
if you see your name listed above!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hello Kitty Drinks

Summer here! And I'm finding myself feeling rather parched a lot. I definitely need to start drinking more to keep myself hydrated. I hear that you're supposed to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. I definitely don't do that -_-
But if I had any of these Hello Kitty drinks, I would certainly start drinking a lot more!!

Hello Kitty body sports water bottle
Such cute water bottles.
I love the shape.
Very comfortable to hold, I can imagine.

Hello Kitty Calpico soft drink bottles
Mmmm that lychee flavor Hello Kitty soft drink.... 

Hello Kitty face green tea
I'm not really a fan of green tea.
But I love the subtle Hello Kitty design on this green tea ^_^

Hello Kitty children's juice box
I haven't had a juice box in soo long.... :c
I wish I had Hello Kitty juice boxes when I was little.

Hello Kitty sweets drink
I'm not sure what this is but it's served in a Hello Kitty cafe
And looks amazing!!
Apparently it's a sweet drink.

Hello Kitty desk water cooler
This Hello Kitty water cooler
would look so cute on my desk!!
I could just grab myself a glass of water whenever I wanted lol
And it's sooo adorable <3

Hello Kitty full size water cooler
This Hello Kitty water cooler
looks a bit more full size.
I don't think I could fit this on my desk lol

Hello Kitty soda cans
Hello Kitty soda cans!!
I'm not a huuuuge fan of soda.
But it's SO CUTE!!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway #3

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway

For your chance to win....
Hello Kitty T-Shirt (choice of colors and sizes available) - Shop price: $20.00
Hello Kitty Fluffy Hat With Ears - Shop price: $12.00
(Click the link of the prize for more information about it)

Entering is super easy!!
All you need to do is enter using the app at the top. You can complete one or more of the activities listed in the app above and each different activity in the list counts as one, three or five entries. And of the course, the more entries you have, the more chance you have of winning!! 

Winners will be chosen at random, in the order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. I will contact you if you have won, and your name (and blog if you have one) will be posted when the giveaway has ended.

Winners will be announced in one week,
which is when all the entries will be counted.



All entries will be moderated to ensure that they are valid. Any entries found to be invalid will not be included in the draw.

You need to enter the draw via this app, so anyone who has not entered using this app but is already qualified for an entry (e.g. already Liked on Facebook) will not be included into the draw, unless they have declared that they have Liked on Facebook within this app.

If you have intention of entering the draw, be prepared that you will have  to disclose your name and address to Hello Kitty Forever in order for us to ship you your prize should you win. If you are under 18, please get parental permission to do so. Hello Kitty Forever will not share your personal details with any 3rd party company, and your details will only be used for the purpose of this Giveaway.