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Monday, 18 June 2012

Hello Kitty Black T-Shirts

I love to wear black t-shirts just because they go with everything lol. I tried to find the cutest black Hello Kitty t-shirts that I could find on the internet. And here they are!!

Hello Kitty Black and white squares grid old-fashioned style T-Shirt
I think this one has a really cute
black and white style.

Hello Kitty Black army "Ready For Action" T-Shirt
This one would look so cute with some baggy pants, no?

Hello Kitty Black ninja "Super Stealth" T-Shirt
Hello Kitty as a ninja!!

Hello Kitty Black doodle scribble graffiti T-Shirt
Awww I really love this design.
Looks like a Hello Kitty doodle or scribble. 

Hello Kitty Black colorful rainbow clouds and hearts T-Shirt
Aww.... this shirt is cute.
Very colorful for a black t-shirt ^_^

Hello Kitty Black Twilight movie vampires and werewolves T-Shirt
And for all you Twilight fans!!
You can get yourself a Hello Kitty t-shirt
to represent your love for vampires of werewolves!
Do you love werewolves or boys that sparkle?


  1. I like the one with the girl with the rainbow one

  2. first one is like a Andy Warhol hello kitty :D

  3. I just loved this kitty t shirts. I want it for me. Girls look really awesome in this t shirts.

  4. you look owsome i like your pic thanks for sharing .cool t shirts

  5. How can I get the HK super stealth black tee in a small. I need it as a gift before Oct 26th!


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