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Friday, 8 June 2012

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway #3 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Hello Kitty Forever's JUNE 2012 GIVEAWAY!!

Giveaways happen on the first week of every month so be sure to enter again each month. You are still eligible to win even if you have already won the previous month!

Congratulations to the winners!!

1st Place:
Who won herself this super cute Hello Kitty t-shirt!!
In her choice of pink, black and white.

Hello Kitty Fake Backpack T-shirt
Which you can buy here for $20.00

2nd Place:
Who has won herself a cute Hello Kitty fluffy hat with ears!!
Hello Kitty's face is embroidered onto the soft plush hat.
Cute, no?

Hello Kitty Fluffy Hat With Ears
Which you can buy here for $12.00

3rd Place:
Hana Sakura
Who has won herself a very lovely little Hello Kitty phone holder!
(Or a holder for anything really, like stationary ^_^)

Hello Kitty Mobile Plush Cellphone Holder Dock
Which you can buy here for $7.60

Winners have been contacted!!
So check your emails
to find out how to redeem your prize,
if you see your name listed above!



  1. Huge congratulations to all the winners, I'm pretty envious haha.


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