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Friday, 4 May 2012

Hello Kitty Star Wars

Hello Kitty Star Wars

So it's officially Star Wars Day!!
Why today??
Because it's May the 4th, silly!! May the fourth be with you to you all!!
(May the fourth? May the force? Look it up, it's actually the official Star Wars day lol)

Thought it would be appropriate to celebrate Star Wars Day with some Hello Kitty happiness!!
So this post is for all you Star Wars loving Hello Kitty fans out there!! Enjoy....

Hello Kitty Star Wars' Darth Vader Costume
Hello Kitty Darth Vader costume lol

Hello Kitty Star Wars' Darth Vader Costume
I can't tell whether this is the same guy,
but the previous one looks pink and blue
whereas this one looks pink and yellow, no?

Hello Kitty Star Wars' Darth Vader mask
Hello Kitty Darth Vader mask!!
I was originally going to post this on Hello Kitty Masks
but I've been saving this photo especially for today!

Hello Kitty in Star Wars' pink Stormtrooper Costume
Hello Kitty Stormtrooper costume!!
How adorable is this....
Hello Kitty was a storm trooper all along =0

This Hello Kitty R2D2 robot is amazing!!
Even if you're not a Star Wars fan,
you gotta admit that this is cute!!
Hello Kitty Star Wars Darth Vader T-Shirt - "I am your kitty"
Funny Hello Kitty t-shirt parodying the
"Luke, I am your father"
Darth Vader scene in Star Wars lol

Hello Kitty Star Wars T-Shirt with R2D2
Adorable Hello Kitty R2D2 t-shirt.

Hello Kitty models in Star Wars costumes cosplay
Hello Kitty models dressed as various Star Wars characters!!
(I do believe that I have posted this picture up before
complete with details on the artist
behind these lovable Hello Kitty models!)

Hello Kitty Star Wars StormtrooperHello Kitty Star Wars Darth Vader
Cute Hello Kitty Stormtrooper and Darth Vader graphics!
I love the coloring ^_^

Hello Kitty Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper tattoo
Someone loves Hello Kitty and Star Wars so much
that they tattooed it onto their legs =0
Why am I not surprised that I actually found
quite a lot of Hello Kitty / Star Wars tattoos on the internet....

May the Fourth be with you!!


  1. Darth Vader as Hello Kitty is so awesome haha, great photos Hello Kitty Forever!

  2. Super cute! I like the first pic with the button things.

  3. i want to have one


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