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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hello Kitty Notepads

So my first day at college is today!! I'm so excited - I left school 4 years ago so I've been out of education for a while. But thought that while I'm unemployed, I could go back and finish my education while I have this opportunity! Every cloud has a silver lining ^_^

To get in the mood for going back to college, I thought I would post some things that I shall be needing for college for the next few days.... I've already posted about Hello Kitty Stationary Sets, but I might revisit and focus more on just Hello Kitty stationary as well.

Then next week, I might take pics of my own Hello Kitty college stuff.
I just need to decide what I want to buy first.... ^_^

Hello Kitty notepad binder
This one is so cute.
I love notepads with the binders.
Too shiny for college?

Hello Kitty Autumn Fall leaves notepad
This one's adorable.
But it's the wrong season >.<

Hello Kitty cupcake notepad with ribbon
Omigosh. You all know how much I love cupcakes.
I would love this one for college.

Hello Kitty garden notepad
This one's cute too.
Still.... maybe the wrong season for gardening?

Hello Kitty black and white panda notepad
I love Hello Kitty as a panda!!
This one is sooo cute!!
Would be perfect for college.
Just so adorable....

Hello Kitty pink lace spotty notepad
I like the design for this one.
Especially that bit of lace at the top <3
Very pink and girly for college.

Hello Kitty pink princess notepad
Well, I am a princess! lol

Hello Kitty slice of strawberries and cream pie notepad
This one is so cool!
How the notepad looks like
a slice of strawberries and cream pie!!

Hello Kitty with apple notepad
Very classic Hello Kitty, with her apples ^_^
I'd want something a little different for college though....


  1. Best of luck at college, I'm sure it'll go great. I love these notepads too, they're so damn cute, I love them!

  2. Congrats on going back to college! get to go Hello Kitty college supply shopping!!!

  3. Very cute and good luck with school!

  4. Stationary... one of my many vices.

  5. I want the panda and the apples! You'd surely enjoy college with this notebooks! Get a hello kitty pen as well. :)


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