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Friday, 20 January 2012

Hello Kitty Pens

I really should buy more pens for college. I have a bad habit of losing pens too quickly though, so I go through a lot of pens. Would be nice though to have a couple of special pens. One for college and one for at home on my desk. 

These are the cutest Hello Kitty pens that I could find on the internet. Enjoy!

Hello Kitty blue bunny ballpoint pen for school
This is cute.
I love the Hello Kitty as a black bunny
And the color's cool.

Hello Kitty light up glowing pink ballpoint pen for school
This would have been really cute when I was younger!
Like when I was at school or something.
Bit too over the top for college though, I think.
The Hello Kitty lighting up and glowing pink
when I'm in the middle of writing 
will distract me, I think.

Hello Kitty multicolor ballpoint pen for school
I used to love these kinda pens when I was at school.
The ones where you can press down
whatever color you want your ink to be.
And you have 10 different ink colors on one pen.
It's genius!
Again, might be a bit over the top for college though....

Hello Kitty cupcake charm ballpoint pen for school
Everyone knows I love my Hello Kitty cupcake stuff.
And this is adorable that the pen charm
has a cupcake on it ^_^
Cute pen for college....

Hello Kitty cute Tokidoki black gloomy goth charm ballpoint pen for school
And now we come to the range of
Tokidoki Hello Kitty stuff.
I love this one.
Very cute but gloomy.

Hello Kitty cute Tokidoki cactus charm ballpoint pen for school
It's the Hello Kitty cactus!!
This is so cute....
Another Hello Kitty Tokidoki pen.
So adorable....
I want this college!!

Hello Kitty cute Tokidoki pink charm ballpoint pen for school
This one is also really adorable.
I really do love the Hello Kitty Tokidoki collection.
If I had enough money, I would so totally just buy it all.
These Hello Kitty Tokidoki pens go with the


  1. These are all great, especially that grim reaper pen, I'd love to buy all of these!

  2. I love all things Toki Doki but especially their Hello Kitty stuff. I also really love the pink Hello Kitty light up pen!!! I need to get one!

  3. i think ill buy one for my little cousin

  4. If only I could one of these, and still be socially acceptable. :(

  5. Very cute (except for the cactus pen lol not my thing I guess).

  6. oooh how cute is this tokidoki hello kitty pen i want one where can you find these cute pens?!

  7. these pens would make writing more fun!

  8. I love the toki pens! Also the blue bunny on the first photo. Have you seen hello kitty ice cream cone pen? That's cute too!


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