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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hello Kitty Pencil Cases

So I'm still gunna be posting school and college stuff. As I don't have pictures yet of my personal Hello Kitty college stuff. (Really need to buy a new pencil case..... lol)

So I thought I would post some cute Hello Kitty pencil cases to inspire me on what kinda Hello Kitty pencil case I would like for college ^_^

Hello Kitty black and pink pencil case for school
Omigosh, this is cute.
I love the pink and black polka dot and the lace.
I think I would rather have a pencil case
shaped like this for college.
Instead of a flimsy one.

Hello Kitty black and pink pencil case for school
This one is the same kinda style.
But a nicer shade of pink in my opinion.
It's also more of the traditional shape of pencil cases.

Hello Kitty I Love Nerds pencil case for school
I love the Hello Kitty Nerd range.
This would be adorable for college.

Hello Kitty cupcake and hearts pencil case for school
Sooo cute. And I love the cupcake.
As always.

Hello Kitty cute and pink pencil case for school
Cute colors.

Hello Kitty bunny pencil case for school
I love the bunny.

Hello Kitty kawaii tokidoki pencil case for school
I love the Tokidoki Hello Kitty stuff.
And these are adorable.
I would love one of those for college.

Hello Kitty 1985 Japanese vintage pencil case for school
Maybe a bit too childish for me to have for college.
But this is a vintage Japenese Hello Kitty pencil case from 1985.
I remember having a hard case tin pencil case
when I was younger....


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