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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hello Kitty Fans

Hello Hello Kitty fans!! This post is about Hello Kitty fans!!  ^_^
No, not you cuties. But Hello Kitty fans!

I don't know what it's like where you are at the moment, but where I am it has been super hot recently! So I bought myself a desk fan today to keep me cool in this Summer heat!! So this is why I thought I could post some Hello Kitty fans lol!

Hello Kitty Electric Fan
I would love this cute little thing sitting on my desk!!
By far my favorite of these Hello Kitty electric fans.

Hello Kitty Electric Fan
Classic Hello Kitty.
I love it!

Hello Kitty Electric Fan
And it's so cute in pink!!

Hello Kitty Electric Fan
Aww I love Hello Kitty's cute little costume
in this Hello Kitty electric fan.

Hello Kitty Portable Hand Fan
And of course for more portable usage,
Hello Kitty hand fans are amazing!
Would look so cute walking around with this.

Hello Kitty Portable Hand Fan
Awwww lots of Hello Kittys ^_^

Hello Kitty Portable Hand Fan
I love these!!
The white one is so adorable!
I would love to have this.

Hello Kitty Portable Small Mini Electric Fan
And of course a small mini electric fan.
Pen size and shaped so perfect for fitting into your pocket
for hot Summer days outside!!


  1. hand fan is better than electric fan. xoxo

  2. Thanks for the reccomendation! GF's birthday is in the middle of the month and she just loves Hello Kitty! This could be a great present xD

  3. hello....hello kitty.....blogwalking here~

  4. I've got the small electric fan!

  5. OMG.. i Love Hello Kitty Everything About it ILive That Tiny Fan So Cutee.... A Saying To Everyone Nobody Is A Bigger Fan Of Hello Kitty Than Me.

    1. OMG iLove Hello Kitty And Everything About Her I Posted The Comment Before This One But Made Some Mistake. I Love That Tiny Fan Soo Cuteee.


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