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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway #4

Hello Kitty Forever | Giveaway

For your chance to win....
Hello Kitty Batwing Syle Top - Shop price: $20.00
Hello Kitty Plush Soft Toy - Shop price: $8.90
(Click the link of the prize for more information about it)

Entering is super easy!!
All you need to do is enter using the app at the top. You can complete one or more of the activities listed in the app above and each different activity in the list counts as one, three or five entries. And of the course, the more entries you have, the more chance you have of winning!! 

Winners will be chosen at random, in the order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. I will contact you if you have won, and your name (and blog if you have one) will be posted when the giveaway has ended.

Winners will be announced in one week,
which is when all the entries will be counted.



All entries will be moderated to ensure that they are valid. Any entries found to be invalid will not be included in the draw.

You need to enter the draw via this app, so anyone who has not entered using this app but is already qualified for an entry (e.g. already Liked on Facebook) will not be included into the draw, unless they have declared that they have Liked on Facebook within this app.

If you have intention of entering the draw, be prepared that you will have  to disclose your name and address to Hello Kitty Forever in order for us to ship you your prize should you win. If you are under 18, please get parental permission to do so. Hello Kitty Forever will not share your personal details with any 3rd party company, and your details will only be used for the purpose of this Giveaway.


  1. Best of luck to everybod entering this, it's very decent of you to provide all the awesome gifts too Hello Kitty Forever.

  2. will you ship internationally and do we have to pay for the shipping?

  3. I like the prizes :D Of course I'll be joining ;3

  4. Anonymous, to answer your question, yes I will ship internationally for free to whoever wins as it is a prize! So the winner will not have to pay for anything ^_^

    Good luck, everyone!


  6. hi guys... does any 1 know were i can buy hello kitty shoes?


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