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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hello Kitty Sneakers

I love wearing sneakers. Especially Hello Kitty sneakers! So many different styles, and here are the cutest Hello Kitty sneakers that I could find online!! Which are your favorites?

Hello Kitty Nike sneakers, pink and yellow shoes
I'm not sure about the pink and yellow.
Maybe a bit too clashy for my taste.
But still super cute looking Nike sneakers!!

Hello Kitty Nike Sneakers, pink bows cute shoes
These are just amazing.
I love these.
I want them so bad!! XD
Another cute Nike pair of Hello Kitty sneakers.

Hello Kitty pink plush Sneakers with red bow
Sooo cute.
And they look so comfortable!!
Made out of plush.

Hello Kitty black plush Sneakers with red bow
Again, the same as the previous picture.
But I prefer these black ones.
The black really make the red bow stand out.
So cute!!

Hello Kitty white plush Sneakers soft toy shoes
it's like Hello Kitty is coming out of your shoe! lol
I would be far too scared of getting these dirty though >.<
They're just so white and clean looking!!

Hello Kitty Black Quilted Sneakers, cute shoes
These are a really cool design.
I love the black quilted leather.
Would look really cute worn casually
with a nice pair of jeans ^_^


  1. I love all of these sneakers Hello Kitty Forever. I think I'd get some serious looks if I wore them though.

  2. Cute! I really like the first one <3

  3. Im trying to get the price on the black leather ones...

  4. They are so cute. I mosly likke the second ones,the pink ones,the black ones with the red bow and the ones with the little hello kitty sticking out of them.

  5. where can I buy the 2nd ones???

  6. where can i buy the 5th n 6th ones? >.<

  7. My good friend give me a new pair of wedge shoes in full red, I am so happy.

  8. I love two shoes


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