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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hello Kitty Desk Stationary Sets

There's nothing more motivating (or distracting) than being surrounded by Hello Kitty when sitting at your desk, trying to do your homework, draw a picture, or write a story.

I haven't included separate stationary items, I thought I could leave this for a future post. These are simply the cutest desk sets and stationary holders that I could find on the internet ^_^

Hello Kitty cupcake desk stationary set
I just thought that this
Hello Kitty Cupcake stationary set
was just too adorable not to include ^_^

Cute Hello Kitty desk calendar
You'll be looking for excuses to forget the date
with one of these cute Hello Kitty calendars sitting on your desk!

Hello Kitty desk stationary pen holder
Such a cute stationary holder.
I especially love the little drawer compartments
that rotate outward.

Hello Kitty shaped paper clips
Hello Kitty paperclips.
These are just awesome!

Hello Kitty pencil sharpener
Adorable Hello Kitty pencil sharpener.
How cool would it be if there was a pen holder on it as well! =0

Hello Kitty desk stationary pencil holder
Another really cute Hello Kitty stationary holder.
That drawer is adorable
and the writing on it says
'I love natural life.'

Hello Kitty desk stationary pencil holder
This one has a cute little cork notice board
so you can pin up inspiring little notes
or stuff that you have to remember XD

Hello Kitty desk stationary set
Such a complete little Hello Kitty desk set.
The design is just so inspired and so kawaii!!
Definitely my favorite out of all of these desk stationary sets.

Hello Kitty pink office desk for adults
And what a cute Hello Kitty desk to put your
Hello Kitty stationary collection on!
Everything is so pink XD

Hello Kitty desk for kids and children
Or one for the children.....
Perfect for any princess' bedroom!!


  1. Hello kitty paper clips!! OMG!!!
    I want! I just found a super cute pack of hello kitty gel pens in the dollar section at target :)

  2. I want the stationary holder! =O

  3. The calender one is really cute, I love it!

  4. whoa. everything is pink. so cute..♥

    did you ever have that feeling that you keep saying you don't like pink and yet you keep buying things with a touch of it which is weird right? because I do that all the time. Pink really isn't one of my favorite but damn! it's attractive and cute =))

  5. hey, I liked your blog, congrats! (:

  6. omg im in hello kitty heaven!!! thankyou for creating this blog :D please look at mine and follow at, thanks, leah :)

  7. Haha! I have to agree with you on the distracting part. I get distracted whenever I see adorable hello kitty merch around me. -__- i have the die cut paper clips by the way, mine's just plain metal, I hope I could find red ones though.

  8. the hello kitty fishing paper clip holder is so cute!! where can i buy that desk set?
    love this post! thanks for sharing it all!

  9. This is a splendid web journal! I'm exceptionally content with the remarks!
    Stationary Design


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