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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hello Kitty Eggs

Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

And not just any eggs. But Hello Kitty eggs!! ^_^

Hello Kitty egg mould
How cute is this Hello Kitty egg mould?? ^_^

Hello Kitty boiled egg
Yay for Hello Kitty boiled eggs!! XD

Close up of Hello Kitty boiled egg
And this is a close up of the Hello Kitty boiled egg.
Soooo so cute.

Hello Kitty egg timer
Perfect occasion to use a Hello Kitty egg timer, no? ^_^

Hello Kitty egg frying pan
And hey, if boiled eggs aren't your thing,
maybe you would prefer a Hello Kitty omelette.
I love omelettes.....
Might go make one now actually after I publish this post XD

Also, a very Happy Birthday to
Check out her Thingamajig Blog;
it's so addictive and so much fun ^_^


  1. Hello Kitty eggs is actually a pretty cool concept, different but cool at the same time. Nice post as always

  2. what? haha! how can I ever eat such a cutie?

  3. Lol I love those eggs! I would make em!

    And yes, happy birthday Shutterbug!

  4. @_@ I agree with Mai Yang but man, do I want those!!!

  5. And aww, what a cute shout out to shutterbug! She'd feel so special as she should be. :)

  6. Didn't know cats laid eggs. :P

  7. I love omelettes too, but these are cute enough to make me stray! x

  8. My kitchen is incomplete and I didn't even know it.

  9. hey dakota! thanks for the birthday shout out! that was very sweet of you! will you be sending me any hello kitty gifts? ;)

  10. Devour Hello Kitty egg brains in omelette form.

  11. This is too cute! Can't wait for my hello kitty egg mould to arrive!


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