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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello Kitty Teeth

Okay, so I've seen a lot of weird Hello Kitty stuff..... But Hello Kitty teeth accessories?? That may be a bit too much for me. lol

Still, who am I to judge fellow Hello Kitty enthusiasts XD

Hello Kitty braces
I remember a while ago when braces
became some sort of Asian teenager trend.
So I guess this one makes sense.....

Hello Kitty teeth grill
Hello Kitty grills though??

Hello Kitty retainer
Hello Kitty retainer.
Retainers just look disgusting to me tbh.
I wouldn't wanna put Hello Kitty on it personally.

Hello Kitty dentures
These Hello Kitty dentures are kinda cute.... I guess....
In a really.... really.... weird way.....

Hello Kitty tooth cap
Hello Kitty tooth cap lol
What would be the point if you couldn't
show it off without forcing
someone's face inside your mouth??
Plus imagine the food that would get stuck in it and stuff!!


  1. Some of these are pretty disgusting, I agree with you about the retainers too. Melanie's right, they must seriously love Hello Kitty to get these on their teeth!

  2. that is too much of hello kitty obsession..for me =))

  3. those are some hardcore fans for sure

  4. I had hello kitty braces rubber before,it was way thicker than the regular braces rubber.I look funny that time I ask my dentist not to put hk rubber to my braces again haha!=P

  5. going to get my girlfriend the grill haha

  6. ewww.... that's all i gotta say...

  7. This is weird. :)

  8. Hello Kitty grils lol
    Thug life.

  9. Aw.. dude.. what.. no.. Not cute anymore. Woah.

  10. woah..those are pretty insane. I can't imagine who would actually get any of these. lol

  11. Wow this is so intense!!! Hello kitty is nice but... on weird places it is not.

  12. Yeah, I don't open my mouth for anyone but my dentist...and...errr...never mind. :)

  13. HK Grills? Oh my...
    I don't whether to laugh or be a little sad. LOL

  14. oh dear! what an addicts :D
    <3 cool post babe!

  15. This is the cutest hello kitty innovation that I've ever seen. Every girl would want to fly out to Japan just to have those cute braces.

    cosmetic dentist Sydney

  16. I think tha if i need to wear braces i would wear the first :DIts sooo cute <3 some of the others is awful!


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