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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hello Kitty Sanitary Stuff

Why someone decided that there was an opening in the market for this... is beyond me. Then again, similar to Rule 34, if it exists then there's definitely a Hello Kitty version of it somewhere. (Most likely Japan XD)

Sanitary pads, sanitary towels, sanitary napkins.... Whatever you call it, it's still weird.

I just don't know why someone would want to be so cruel to such a lovable character.... :'c

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
These Hello Kitty sanitary pads are quite cute actually.
I love the colors.

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
A pack of Hello Kitty sanitary pads.

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
Another pack of Hello Kitty sanitary pads by Kotex.

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
All those multi-colored Hello Kitty faces XD

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
And some more Hello Kitty sanitary pads
in a supermarket.

Hello Kitty sanitary pads
And some more......

Hello Kitty tampons

And last but not least....
Hello Kitty tampons.
Very elegant looking indeed.

I don't know....
People are just weird.


  1. looks cute but yeah, awkward to use. lol

  2. Wow, Hello Kitty really do absolutely everything, that's crazy!

  3. haha... these are a lot cuter than the ones I use!

  4. I can believe there's a hello kitty anything now

  5. I won't need those. ;)

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  7. hmm. I could almost go for that, honestly. So freaking tired of menstruating... something cute might just perk me up enough to get through to menopause without killing someone.


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