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Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello Kitty Wacom Favo Tablet

All you Hello Kitty Photoshop wizards and digital artists are going to appreciate this one!!

I present to you the Wacom Favo Hello Kitty powered tablet!! 
It's an A6 tablet - measuring 208x203.8x17.8mm and weighs only 500g.
It works on both Mac and PC - so what's your excuse?? ^_^

I actually can't find this anywhere,
so if someone knows where I can purchase this,
PLEASE email me the link >.<
Thankies!! <3

Hello Kitty Wacom Favo tablet
How cute is this!!

Hello Kitty Wacom Favo tablet
Displaying the packaging,
the Hello Kitty tablet,
the pen and its super kawaii holder ^_^

Hello Kitty Wacom Favo tablet
Demonstrating the Hello Kitty tablet pen
drawing on the Hello Kitty tablet XD

Hello Kitty Wacom Favo tablet
And a close up of the Hello Kitty tablet pen holder.
So sooo cute <3


  1. If you find out where to get that, please cute! Good luck!

  2. I have to admit that's incredibly cute. Seems like a good buy to me!

  3. Very cute even though I have no idea what a wacom table is

  4. if a hard core hello kitty fan, such as yourself can't find it, then maybe this tablet is just a prototype and not available for purchase? :p

  5. Way, a set is a set. Might as well score some piints with the hello kitty one right? xD

  6. So cute!!!! Where do you find it?

  7. I love the Hello Kitty Wacom Tablet!! So much cooler than my plain old black Bamboo!

  8. Where are they all and why isn't Sanrio suing? I called Sanrio to try to get approval to open one in the US and they said they do not have ANY restaurant/cafes

  9. T, are you sure you commented on the right post?

  10. it's look like my graphire 3
    how much?
    i wanna buy one if possible :3


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