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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Hello Kitty Christmas Plush Toys

3 days to go til Christmas!!

These plush toys look so soft and cute!! I just want to be surrounded by them in these cold Winter nights >.<

D'awww...!!! Look at all of Hello Kitty's cute little costumes!! <33

Hello Kitty candy cane plush soft toy for Christmas
Cute little Hello Kitty twins,
holding their Christmas candy canes!!
I love their little matching outfits ^_^

Hello Kitty gingerbread man cane plush soft toy for Christmas
I love this cute little outfit the best, I think.
Christmas gingerbread man costume!! ^_^
So adorable, I want one of these myself as a onesie lol

Hello Kitty snowman plush soft toy for Christmas
Wow, it's a big Hello Kitty snowman
and a baby Hello Kitty snowman lol!

Hello Kitty eskimo costume plush soft toy for Christmas
This one looks so cuddly.... ^_^
Cute little eskimo snow outfit <3

Hello Kitty santa hat plush soft toy for Christmas
I love this little Hello Kitty's Santa hat
and cute little Christmas dress ^_^

Hello Kitty plush soft toy for Christmas
Another cute little Hello Kitty Christmas dress ^_^
This one is from Harrod's, I do believe =0

Hello Kitty plush soft toy collection for Christmas
And this one is a collection of all the cutest
Hello Kitty Christmas plush toys.
I love the snow bunny at the back. 
And that adorable Hello Kitty Christmas reindeer!!
And the Christmas wreath lol XD


  1. Hello kitty snowman!!
    I want!

  2. you can imagine the way my sister loves it..great post

  3. These are all so cute, I'd be so tempted to buy my friend's baby one of these, she'd love it I reckon.


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