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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hello Kitty Christmas Trees

10 days left til Christmas!!

No better way to light up a room than with a Hello Kitty Christmas tree!
Celebrate Christmas this year the Hello Kitty way, with lots and lots of Hello Kitty Christmas decorations ^_^

Hello Kitty Christmas tree
So much Hello Kitty!!
I want all those Hello Kitty Christmas decorations
around my house all year round please ^_^

Hello Kitty Christmas tree
So cute!!
Would be even cooler if they were all cookies
or something edible haha
Or is that just me being greedy? o.o
These Hello Kitty Christmas decorations look as though
they would be quite easy to make yourself with paper!

Hello Kitty Christmas tree
I love the Hello Kitty plush toy at the top of this Christmas tree.
And such a cute little pink bow too!

Hello Kitty Christmas tree made out of soft Hello Kitty plush toys
It's a Hello Kitty Christmas tree made out of
Hello Kitty plush soft toys!! =0
That's amazing.
And I also love how all the Hello Kittys are wearing
Christmas outfits lol - SOO cute....

Hello Kitty purple Christmas tree
I love this purple Christmas tree!
My favorite one, I think.... 

Decorate your own Christmas tree
with some Hello Kitty Christmas decorations!!


  1. I love them! :3

  2. The purple tree was my favorite too

  3. Purple Hk Christmas tree??? I want it!

  4. Awww hello kitty xmas trees!!! Too adorable :D

  5. These trees all look so awesome, I want one really badly!


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