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Friday, 23 December 2011

Hello Kitty Santa

2 days left to go til Christmas!!

If Hello Kitty was Santa, I'd want it to be Christmas everyday.... Hello Kitty would make the best Santa in the world, delivering gifts for everyone ^_^

Hello Kitty Santa crochet hat for Christmas and Winter
Such a cute Hello Kitty Santa hat to warm you up in these
cold Winter weeks.... >.<

Hello Kitty Santa apron for Christmas and Hello Kitty plush soft toy head
Cute Hello Kitty Santa apron and plush head ^_^

Hello Kitty  Santa fruit salad bento box for Christmas
What an adorable little fruit salad box!!
I love the poached egg with the strawberry Santa hat.
So cute!!

Hello Kitty Santa costume for Christmas
Cute but slightly disturbing Hello Kitty Santa costume....

Hello Kitty Santa hat for Christmas and Winter
Simple but cute Hello Kitty Santa hat.

Hello Kitty Santa hat for Christmas and Winter
I prefer this one. Looks cuddly and I love the
Hello Kitty.

And don't forget to check out
some of those cute
Hello Kitty Christmas plush toys
from yesterday!!


  1. You're right, Hello Kitty does make an awesome Santa, cool photos! Have a Merry Christmas Hello Kitty Forever!

  2. You are killing me this week! I want that first hat!!


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