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Monday, 19 December 2011

Hello Kitty Christmas Treats

6 days to go til Christmas!!

Why is that I always seem to be more hungry and eat so much more during the Winter time?? It's like the good food only ever comes out around Christmas lol.
(I've been really good and haven't just eaten all of the chocolate from my Hello Kitty advent calendar.... yet lol)

I hope these Hello Kitty Christmas cakes and candy don't make you too hungry!

Hello Kitty Christmas cake treat
This Hello Kitty Christmas cake is just toooo cute!!
The Christmas tree in the background is just adorable <3
Great detail.

Hello Kitty Christmas cake treat
This cake is cute too.
Hello Kitty Santa delivering presents.
Just wish there was snow on the ground,
cus it looks kinda odd without it.

Hello Kitty Christmas canes candy treat
Hello Kitty candy canes!!
I would love to find some of these in my

Hello Kitty Christmas cupcakes treat
These Hello Kitty Christmas cupcakes are so well done.
I love the mistletoe in her hair instead of her usual bow.
So festive and they look so tasty!
And it's such an easy adjustment to the
regular kind of Hello Kitty cupcake.

Hello Kitty Christmas gingerbread cookies biscuits treat
Such cute Hello Kitty gingerbread cookies/biscuits.
I love gingerbread men in the Winter but these are just
so much more adorable!! =0

Hello Kitty Christmas gingerbread house cake treat
Again with the gingerbread!!
What are you trying to do to me, Hello Kitty....
I would love to nibble on this Hello Kitty gingerbread house lol
And the snowmen outside are just precious!! <333

Hello Kitty Christmas snowman candy treats in tin ornament
I found these on Hello Kitty Forever's good friend,
But wait a minute, these aren't treats!

Hello Kitty Christmas snowman candy treats in tin ornament
They have little candy snowmen in them too!
How cute is that?? ^_^


  1. All of these look so delicious they're making me hungry, awesome photos as usual, thanks for posting these!

  2. These just serve to remind me that I don't have any snack food with me today. :(

  3. They all look so sweet and cute!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I want candy. :3

  5. I AM ALL ABOUT THESE!!! So cute! <3


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