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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hello Kitty Computer Viruses & Other Malware

I've read before that a few years ago there was this Hello Kitty computer virus that was going around on the internet, and I thought today that I would do some reading up on it, as well as other Hello Kitty computer malware (malicious software - i.e. viruses, trojans, adware, etc) that have been around over the years.

It seems that many people like to hide their malware inside Hello Kitty programs since I guess it attracts a more innocent audience :c

Example of Hello Kitty adware:

Hello Kitty Cutie World adware computer malware virus
Seemingly innocent Hello Kitty game, no?

Hello Kitty Cutie World adware computer malware virus
And once you install it,
you have fun playing your Hello Kitty games
like this Hello Kitty version of Mahjong pictured above.

Hello Kitty Cutie World (hello-kitty.exe) is an adware bundler that apparently installs Adware-TryMedia with itself, which then may download and execute new software from a remote server. You can read on how to uninstall it here.... 

Another Hello Kitty virus titled hello-kitty.exe was discovered in 2002 with some rather odd characteristics 0_o

Basically Hello Kitty's head pops up on a calendar and you keep getting error messages popping up, as it says your computer is searching for new hardware but can't find the drivers.

While another Hello Kitty computer virus just has Hello Kitty's head pop up and say "Patch the leaks, or the ship will sink"..... How bizarre! o_o

The Supernova Worm disguised itself as a few different programs including hello-kitty.exe which was spread via KaZaa file-sharing network and MSN Messenger (by sending the infected file to everyone on your friends list with a message like "LOL check this out!!" and stuff DX

Hello Kitty Supernova worm computer malware virus
It reaches the computer in a file with the above icon.

Hello Kitty Supernova worm computer malware virus
And this is the fake error message which pops up.

It's aim was to generally be annoying and also attack various websites using ping requests from your computer. It also creates other copies of the worm on your computer (including the funny sounding file cheese-burger.exe lol) and then creates entries in the Windows registry. AHH!!!

Additionally, Hello Kitty fans,
be careful when downloading any
executable programs
(ending in .exe)!
It may be computer malware disguised as a
fun Hello Kitty game or Hello Kitty wallpaper collection.


  1. Using Hello Kitty to achieve the aims of some adware company is just ridiculous, these guys should be ashamed to exploit computer users, especially most likely to be younger computer users like that.

  2. does anybody think hello kitty is creepy. i do. i mean viruses, and then firewalls that let in hello kitty viruses but nothing else. its like they created the supernova worm, did some hello kitty stuff with it and left it alone to destroy.
    creepy viruses too. my friend downloades hko and your computer is done and gone for popped up with a hello kitty devil on it. curse you hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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