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Saturday, 28 April 2012

More Hello Kitty and Katy Perry

Whoever knew that Katy Perry was such a Hello Kitty fan?
Well, I guess we had a clue when we all saw her gorgeous Hello Kitty corset outfit at the Brit Awards 2009!
If you haven't seen that yet, I strongly advise you to check it out by clicking here. That thing is amazing.

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty outfit on Saturday Night Live
Katy Perry went full out Hello Kitty
on Saturday Night Live in December 2011.
That whole outfit is adorable.... <3

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty outfit on Saturday Night Live
Again, Katy Perry hosting Saturday Night Live.
In this sketch, they are parodying hardcore
J-Pop and Hello Kitty fans.
You can watch the sketch here if you're curious >.<

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty mirror
Katy Perry with a Hello Kitty mirror!!
What is it with celebrities and Hello Kitty mirrors??

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty soft plush toy doll
Katy Perry again holding up her cute little
Hello Kitty plushie!!
Soo cute....

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty soft plush toy doll
This is Katy Perry receiving a gift.
It's a Hello Kitty doll!!
How cute is that <3


  1. She looks really cute in the Hello Kitty stuff

  2. I won't lie that Katy Perry really does rock these outfits and she's a talented and lovely person on top of that which makes it even better to see.

  3. So much Hello Kitty goodness <3

  4. I love love luh-uv hello kitty and I'm so so happy to see celebs these days showing off their love for hello kitty to! I mean who says hello kitty is just for babies I'm 13 and I don't plan on EVER Stopping my love for hello kitty!!! :) .....and it seems like Katy Perry feels the same way! ;)

    1. same anonymous as below22 June 2014 at 14:20

      I know a couple who love hello kitty they are about 50 years old LOL

  5. I absolutly love hello kitty and I'm a fan of Katy Perry So to see these two together is amazing


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