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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A-Z of Hello Kitty - Forum Game!!

Just came up with a fun idea for a Hello Kitty game on the new Hello Kitty Forum!

It's called the....
Click up here to play!

I've started off with posting a picture of something to do with Hello Kitty that starts with the letter A.
I chose Hello Kitty apple pie!! ^_^

The next person then has to find a picture of something to do with Hello Kitty that begins with the letter B!

I thought it would be a fun way to see some new and interesting Hello Kitty pics that we may not have seen before. And when it gets all the way up to the letter Z, we just start all over again from beginning but we're not allowed to use the same thing twice. So next time, you would not be allowed to post the Hello Kitty Apple Pie again for the letter A.

Fun, no?

If you want to play, all you have to do is sign up for the forum and click here!
Registering is free, quick and easy!
And it's a great way to make new friends with other Hello Kitty fans!
Have fun, cuties!!


  1. I quite like the concept of this HKF, and I seriously love the idea of eating a Hello Kitty apple pie!

  2. Nice idea. :3

  3. uh HUGELY wicked


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