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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello Kitty Pet Dog Accessories

We've seen Hello Kitty with her doggy owners, cute dogs with their Hello Kitty plushies ^_^

Now let's see cute doggies and their Hello Kitty accessories!! =D

Hello Kitty pet dog blanket
What a super warm looking Hello Kitty blanket!

Hello Kitty pet dog hair clip accessory
Awww.... that should get your fur out of your eyes ^_^

Hello Kitty pet dog bed
This looks so fancy.
I love the Hello Kitty face on the cushion!

Hello Kitty pet dog jacket
Cute little dog jacket <3

Hello Kitty pet dog tracksuit jacket
Aww I think this is so adorable!
It's like a little doggy tracksuit jacket!
I love the hood, it looks very warm.

Pet chihuahua dressed in Hello Kitty costume
Chihuahua dressed in Hello Kitty costume!!
Sooooo cute!! XD
Kinda reminds me of my Pets In Hello Kitty Costumes post....

1 comment:

  1. These are all so cute Hello Kitty Forever, if I had a pet I would strongly considering decking my pet out in one of these!


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