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Monday, 23 April 2012

Hello Kitty St George's Day

So it's St George's Day, and I may be a bit late in the day for this post, but I thought I would post up some Hello Kitty England pictures to celebrate anyway!!

Happy St George's Day!!

Hello Kitty London England Poster
This is a really cool Hello Kitty poster
of London, England.
I love double decker buses.... <3
And look! It's Big Ben!

Hello Kitty London Buckingham Palace Royal Guard plush toy doll
Giant Hello Kitty plushie of one of those royal guards
that you see standing or marching outside
Buckingham Palace!

Hello Kitty London England with Hello Kitty as Sherlock Holmes Poster
Such an awesome Hello Kitty poster!
Hello Kitty as Sherlock Holmes is adorable!!

Hello Kitty England Union Jack plush doll soft toy
I love Hello Kitty's Union Jack outfit
that this Hello Kitty plush doll is wearing!

Hello Kitty London England Tshirt
This is a really cool looking
Hello Kitty London t-shirt.
Would make a great souvenir
for any Hello Kitty fan!

Hello Kitty London England Union Jack Purse Wallet
Cute little Hello Kitty Union Jack purse or wallet.

Hello Kitty London England Union Jack Tote Bag
I love this bag =]

Hello Kitty England Football Soccer Uniform
Hello Kitty dressed in the
England's football (soccer) team uniform!!


  1. I love the first Hello London photo, it's so cute. Happy late Saint Georges day Hello Kitty Forever!

  2. HOW do I get the London Tshirt??? I love it and simply MUST have it! How do I proceed?

  3. How can I find the London T-Shirt?


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