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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hello Kitty Cakes

I've covered Hello Kitty cupcakes previously and those were adorable....
But sometimes one small cupcake just isn't enough XD

Need more than one cupcake to eliminate your hunger??? 
What about one of these Hello Kitty cakes!!!

Hello Kitty cake
This is so cute <333
I love the shape and the colors
and the little Hello Kittys at the top are adorable ^_^

Hello Kitty cake
That icing looks so smooth, amirite?
Such an elegant looking cake as well XD

Hello Kitty cake
Awww I love the design of this one.
Standing on a pink hill, surrounded by flowers ^_^

Hello Kitty cake
Oh wow, look at all those Hello Kitty cakes.
There are so many =0

Hello Kitty cake
This is just amazing!! =0
It's a Hello Kitty cupcake tower,
surrounded by Hello Kitty cookies,
with a Hello Kitty cake on top!!
I want one of these just sitting permanently
in my kitchen lol

Hello Kitty cake
This Hello Kitty chocolate cake looks so sweet
and I love the graphic design on the top.

Hello Kitty cake
I love Doraemon!!! <333
Just as much as I love Hello Kitty in fact.
So I wanted to include this one into the post.
A Hello Kitty and Doraemon cake surrounded by
lots of little Hello Kitty and Doraemon cupcakes.

For more Hello Kitty desserts,
check out this post!!


  1. Cake = good. Hello Kitty Cake = AMAZING!

  2. that is so cool :D
    very cute

  3. wow!!! love the cakes!!! i wanna have one for my birthday!!!=)

  4. That second one.. I'll bite. ;)

  5. So cute all those cakes! Yummy :D

  6. These photos make me incredibly hungry. Maybe I could sneak one of these for my 19th though I think my reputation may take a huge hit over it!

  7. my birthday is coming up. i wonder if anyone will get me a HK bday cake! ;)

  8. i cannot think of two things i love more than hello kitty and cake. my boyfriend got me one for my birthday! he really must know me well! x

  9. ---- >. I love hello kitty so much :))
    My stress are gone whenever I saw Hello kitty !!

    love it !!

  10. Feeling Hungry Yummie.. Please Give me One ;)
    Funny SMS

  11. Gotta get one of these for my birthday can`t wait for my b day to get me one HOW CUTE !!!!!! I LOVE cakes so hk cakes so cool. =) ;D

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