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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hello Kitty Halloween Pumpkins

Continuing with this week's Hello Kitty Halloween theme, I thought I would introduce Hello Kitty themed Halloween pumpkin jack-o'-lantern!! It wouldn't be Halloween without them ^_^

Hello Kitty carved witch jack o'lantern pumpkin
Hello Kitty as a witch carved onto a pumpkin.

Hello Kitty face carved jack o'lantern pumpkin
Hello Kitty's face carved onto a pumpkin.

Hello Kitty super cute carved jack o'lantern pumpkin
Super kawaii Hello Kitty carved onto a pumpkin!!

Hello Kitty zombie carved jack o'lantern pumpkin
Hello Kitty as a zombie carved onto a pumpkin....

Hello Kitty carved jack o'lantern pumpkin
Hello Kitty sitting down carved onto a pumpkin.

Hello Kitty skull face carved jack o'lantern pumpkin
Hello Kitty skull carved onto a pumpkin!!

Hello Kitty
Jack o' Lantern pumpkin
stencil templates for you to use:
(Click the image to enlarge, print and cut out!!)
You can thank Cartoon Jr for these amazing stencils!

Hello Kitty carved jack o'lantern pumpkin stencil template

Hello Kitty carved jack o'lantern pumpkin stencil template

Hello Kitty carved jack o'lantern pumpkin stencil template


  1. So cute! Thank you for the templates!

  2. That super cute one is like, expertly done. Effin awesome.

  3. very cute, the super cute one is the best by a little bit

  4. The pumpkins are so cute! Thanks for the templates!

  5. I love the idea. This is so cute! Love the one with the broom :)

  6. Those are some pretty crafty pumpkins!

  7. cute cute cute! if i have the time i'll try this! my pumpkins could never turn out that well though! x

  8. These are all excellent. There's no way I would ever be talented enough to recreate any of these unfortunately even with a template!

    1. tape the template on the pumpkin and start cutting! I'm not talented either and we did ours turned out awesome! You CAN do it!

  9. Awww I love zombie HK! These are so cute <3

  10. wow. Thats some talent!

  11. This is amazing, everything is so precisely done and I love the one that says SUPER CUTE!

  12. oh my goodness!!!~~ this is amazing!!! thanks for sharing the templates XD~~~~ glad that I visit your blog before halloween~hehe <33

  13. OMG! They all so cool! You are just as cray as me when it comes to Hello Kitty! ;) I am a big on it since I was 2! hahaha I am glad I found your blog!

  14. Oh wow! first time on your blog here and i must say its so kawaii! Your menu bar is so cool, very creative. thanks for sharing those very cool stencils! and oh btw have you checked this already? Hello kitty and One Piece Collab those items are so so kawaii, i love the combination. you might find it interesting since you're crazy about hello kitty lol just like me :D
    If you'd want to order you can go here Private Import Japan . Hapy Blogging!! xoxo :D

  15. Omg, I just might try out one of the templates! :D

  16. Aww your blog is SOO cute <3 and i love the pumpkins :D

  17. ;_; you are making me squeal like alittle girl.. i love these pumkin carvings and that one down the middle "super cute" you makign me want to be the little girl.. XD

  18. I'll have to print out and make one of these myself.

  19. I drew up those Hello Kitty pumpkin stencils myself. I find it really greedy and atrocious that you would take them off of my site and put them on yours with no link back or credit, effectively stealing my ad revenue. Take the large images down immediately and link back to the source (or take them down alltogether). If you don't comply in the next five days, I will file a Google DMCA complaint against your site, which will drop this page from their index completely.

    I also have a feeling that I'm not the only site you stole images from. I suggest you link to the sources of your other images, too. Or else I'm sure this won't be the last message you receive like this.

    1. Wendy, I have no issue at all with taking these images down if you would prefer me to do so. But before I do, would you rather me link the source instead so that other Hello Kitty fans can enjoy the stencils as much as I do? If you would rather me do that, please reply with the link you would want me to put up there and I hope that it will bring you any traffic it can.

  20. Thank you - simply link them to where you sourced the images at Also, it is good etiquette to only post small images and direct readers to the larger images at the source. I appreciate your response. :)

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