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Friday, 7 October 2011

Hello Kitty Hats With Ears

I already have featured pet cats and dogs wearing Hello Kitty hats here and as adorable as they were, why should they be the only ones that get to have Hello Kitty ears??

I've also already featured Hello Kitty hoodies with Hello Kitty ears which you can find here but what if you don't want a hoodie and you just want the hat with the Hello Kitty ears on them?? Well, here's an awesome range of Hello Kitty hats with ears just for you!!

Hello Kitty winter hat and gloves
I love those matching gloves.
Great winter wear.

Hello Kitty crochet hat with ears
This Hello Kitty hat is crocheted beautifully.

Hello Kitty crochet hat with ears
Simple yet very cute crocheted Hello Kitty hat.

Hello Kitty hat with ears
This Hello Kitty hat looks so soft.
Look at those cute little eyes!!

Hello Kitty hat with ears and mittens
And this one looks even softer!!
Those Hello Kitty mittens are adorable too.
You can buy this Hello Kitty hat

Hello Kitty nerd crochet hat with ears
I know how some of you love the Hello Kitty Nerd collection.
Well, then this is the perfect Hello Kitty hat for you!!
That bow with the apple is so adorable.....

This one is made for dolls
but how cute would it to be have this in people size!!
I love that fluffy looking fabric.

Hello Kitty giant anime expo hat with ears
This one might be a bit too much to pull off casually.
Great for anime expos though lol


  1. These are great. I want some of these hats, especially since we're nearing Winter here.

  2. I'd wear them! :P

  3. I like the simple white crocheted one.

  4. p.s you should have a "contact me" page or link. how would bloggers contact you? What if you won a prize or something? ;)

  5. these are just too adorable.

  6. I hope you'll like my next post. I decided to dedicate it to you; you are going know why in almost 12 hours. ;)

  7. I have a HK hat with ears :D They are just so cute~

  8. So cute D: I'd love to have one! >w<


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