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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hello Kitty Houses

C'mon. Tell me that you wouldn't want to live in one of these houses. This is every Hello Kitty fan's dream. I'm unsure as to whether the insides of the photos of the rooms are from one of the houses, but I like to pretend that they are ^_^

Hello Kitty hotel building house
I've seen this photo around a lot,
but I found out that this is actually a Hello Kitty hotel.
What a great place to stay!!
Looks like a dream house hehe.
Can imagine it's very expensive though....

Hello Kitty house building
This is another Hello Kitty house I've seen around.

Hello Kitty house roof of building
And this is probably the best thing about the previous house.
The Hello Kitty balcony and roof!!
So so cute....

Hello Kitty home living room
I would totally kill for this to be my living room.
The back wall is too cute and I love those little bows
on the sofa cushions <333

Hello Kitty home pantry room
This pantry is just adorable.
I can imagine eating here every night....
And that Hello Kitty shaped hole in the wall as a door
is just amazing.
Kinda makes me want to just go around smashing the walls
so I can shape them all to look like this XD

All you need to add now are Hello Kitty beds,


  1. This is my dream house lol =) Thank you so much for following my blog, I am now following back ! :-) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  2. wow. but nah. my dream house would be all touch in black =)), plus, I'm a hello kitty fan. haha!

  3. I've seen the first photo before...

  4. That's maybe taking a love for Hello Kitty too far, though what do I know really? Nice houses regardless but I don't think I'd like to live in one like that. Like Mai, my dream house would be vastly different than these.

  5. I've had a tiny Hellow Kitty plushy since I was 6 (I'm almost 22 now) so she's very near and dear to me. Such a lovely blog! :)

  6. The first one, hotel, it's a set of two. There's a green version, one is French I think and the other is English, suites. I actually wouldn't mind staying at either.

  7. Would be awesome to live there. :P

  8. oh, SO CUTE! <3 it's too cute to be true :p i want to live in hello kitty house too. btw, i love your blog, just can't stop staring to all this cuteness! :)

  9. kitty house ? woow that is cool :P

  10. what I'm supposed to say is that..

    "I'm not a hello kitty fan"

    but I do find them cute ^_^

  11. WOW....that is a lot of hello kitty! I used to love this character as a kid, and Sanrio always puts a smile on my face!

  12. TOOOO CUTE! whoa that is like a little girl's dream home!

  13. cuteness overload!
    Imagine living in a house like that....

  14. whoaaaa! lovely hello kitty!!!
    i'm such a fan of hello kitty.
    my baby's first themed birthday party was my favorite ever HELLO KITTY!
    I simply love your hello kitty blog!!!
    newest follower here!

  15. OMG!!! *___* I wouldn't mind owning a house like this at all..!! <3

  16. okay i love hello kitty

  17. So cute.. ^_^
    Hello Kitt,, my favorite :D

  18. hi i think it is funny lol omg!

  19. Gotta go find the houses convince my parents to let me stay there. PARADISE !!!!! ;D

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