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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hello Kitty Corsets

I love a good corset, they can be that cute or sexy finishing touch to any outfit. Who said wearing a corset couldn't be fun! XD

Here's a collection of Hello Kitty corsets I've found online and where you may be able to buy them, if you are interested! Also, take a look at Katy Perry's Hello Kitty corset that she wore at the Brit Awards 2009. It's amazing!!

Hello Kitty corset
I like how cute and frilly this is.
Definitely one to wear with a long skirt.
Unfortunately I can't find source for this.

Hello Kitty corset
Very pink and green, patchy punk looking.
I do love the contrasting green and pink colors.
I found this corset here!

Hello Kitty corset
I absolutely adore this one!
Everything from the lace at the waist
to the polka dots and the motif.
Very elegant.
It's gorgeous and I want it.
Click here for more photos of this masterpiece
as well as the price if you can afford it XD

Hello Kitty corset
I love that patchwork doll, rainbow look to this Hello Kitty corset.
A very eccentric corset design which I found here.

Hello Kitty corset
I love the Hello Kitty in the middle
and all the strawberries,
but I'm not quite sure about that huge bow at the top >.<
I found this Hello Kitty corset here.

Hello Kitty corset
Not sure where I found this
so I apologize for not leaving source.
But I really love the way it looks from the front.
Very cute design.

Hello Kitty corset
I love that punk aesthetic to it.
With the studs and everything.
Kinda reminds me of that Katy Perry corset
that I posted before.

Hello Kitty corset
I love this one!!
Very cute Hello Kitty underbust corset indeed
and you can buy it here!!

Hello Kitty corset
And I know that this isn't specifically a Hello Kitty corset,
but I do really wnt this corset and
since there's a Hello Kitty theme to this pic,
I just thought that I'd leave this here ^_^
So cute!!


  1. These are so cute! I love that rainbow one :)

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the second one on someone o.o but most of these would work anyway. They're cute.

  3. These are extremely cute. Makes me wish I had someone who would wear these things right now I have to admit.

  4. These are sooo cute!!! I love the 3rd one! That is my favorite~

  5. they were fun to look at, but i wouldn't want to wear them...

  6. i am with you...LOVE that third one!

  7. Oh yes, the third is definitely the best!! *__*

  8. Hi I have a question, where did you find the seventh one that is almost like the Katy Perry corset, I want that for my prom dress! Please get back to me if you can (: you can email me the answer at

  9. pleaseee i want one.. im from spain..where i can buy one???kisss

  10. omg! i love hello kitty and i also love corsets ! these corsets are very neat and awlsome each one has its own unique theme to it, i fell in love woth the seventh one. where can i buy it at !? well hope to hear from you soon, by the way my name is sandraa' and my email adress is


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