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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes

So it's coming up to Halloween this weekend!! And I'm getting a lot of requests for Hello Kitty Halloween costume ideas. So I've found some of my favorites, some of the more.... bizarre. And some which I'm not personally a fan of. Hopefully the variety of styles gives all you Hello Kitty fans some idea of what you want as your Hello Kitty costume!!

(I've left out all the Hello Kitty mascot costumes because there are just soooo many, and I think they deserve a post of their own ^_^)

WARNING: One image in particular may be a bit.... adult. But I have censored it!!

The Do's & Don'ts
To get a better look, click the image to enlarge!!

Hello Kitty cute Halloween costume
This one is really cute.
Cheeky yet still quite respectable.

Hello Kitty cute Halloween costume
As with the costume above,
still quite respectable and that dress is super cute.

Hello Kitty cute Halloween costume Harajuku
I've seen this in Harajuku style fashion
and I do think that this one piece Hello Kitty outfit
is super kawaii indeed.
Looks so soft and I could just fall asleep wearing it ^_^
Perhaps in one of these Hello Kitty beds!

Hello Kitty weird man Halloween costume
Definitely do not do this.
If you're going to get your husband or boyfriend to dress up,
there are so many better costumes
than a cross-dressing Hello Kitty like this.
He doesn't seem to be enjoying himself either >.<

Hello Kitty pirate Halloween costume
Hello Kitty pirate costume!!
Very original, I like it.

Hello Kitty scary Halloween costume
This costume just scares me slightly I think.
I think it's the Hello Kitty head.

Hello Kitty Halloween costume
Again, it's a good costume.
But the way that the Hello Kitty head is done,
is still a bit frightening.
But then again, it is Halloween!! XD

Hello Kitty scary Halloween costume
Another scary Hello Kitty Halloween costume.
The white face and black eyes make her look
like a Hello Kitty ghost.
Shame because she looks like a pretty girl.

Hello Kitty rave girl Halloween costume
I actually think that this is pretty cute.
The outfit I mean.
Very rave girl style.
It's just those Hello Kitty heads like that
that frighten me =0

Hello Kitty rave girl Halloween costume with Pikachu costume
This terrifies me tbh.
I kinda almost didn't want to post this image up.
But hopefully censoring the naughty bits will be enough.
Hello Kitty with Pikachu - what a sight!!

Hello Kitty cute baby Halloween costume
This Hello Kitty baby costume is so cute!!
So soft and adorable <333

Hello Kitty cute children's Halloween costume
And this Hello Kitty costume for toddlers.
She looks so adorable.

Hello Kitty cute children's Halloween costume
And a Hello Kitty costume for a slighly older child.

If you're really a Hello Kitty fanatic,
you may be interested in dressing your
for Halloween too!!

Or if you wanted to be a
for Halloween!!

Or if you're just interested in


  1. 2nd hello kitty costume is my favorite of the bunch

  2. I like the 1st and 2nd :D
    The 3rd is a Kigurumi btw ^^ I got 2 of them, but not of Hello Kitty .. yet! XD

  3. Wearing heads just doesn't seem to work out from what I've seen, some of these are pretty cute though, guys shouldn't go out as a Hello Kitty in my opinion, they'll just get abuse and get laughed at.

  4. :O!

    I want to be Pikachu! Look at that kick ass costume! Ye-- lool ahaha. Ahah. Ahhh.

  5. kids under 10 are the only ones that should be allowed to wear hello kitty costumes. everyone else just looks awkward.

  6. Second is my favorite too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. If you don't mind me asking... why did you stop writing?

  7. some of the costumes are pretty awesome (for kids anyway!)

  8. Hello kitty is best for those age 10 and under...'nuff said.

  9. I need one of these to scare people! (:

  10. I love them all :))

    so so cute >.<

  11. That's a very cute Hello Kitty costume, thank you very much for sharing this.

  12. Ok but how about posting WHERE to buy these costumes?


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