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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hello Kitty Weird Outfits

Nothing against these people as individuals. Who am I to judge? And hey, I love all Hello Kitty fans - the eccentric ones are usually the most fanatic!! And Hello Kitty deserves all the attention she can get in my opinion. But these Hello Kitty themed outfits strike me as... a little strange XD

Hello Kitty weird fashion goth
Without sounding harsh,
I find this look pretty terrifying tbh.

Hello Kitty weird fashion dress
I'm not sure what I don't like about this....
She's pretty (maybe a bit too much fake tan though xP)
but this Hello Kitty outfit is just terrible tbh.

Hello Kitty weird fashion rave girl with pacifier
This is an interesting look.
Maybe a bit OTT for my taste,
but I kinda actually like it.... >.<
The pacifier is a bit of a weird addition though lol


  1. hey thanks so much for checking out & commenting on my blog and yeah...the first one is a little terrifying! :P Xx

  2. Haha, the last one would have been good without the pacifier!

  3. The second Hello Kitty outfit is absolutely horrendous though as you say she looks a very pretty woman. Nice of you to not judge these people even though they're honestly extremely strange.

  4. I LOOOVE hello kitty! I collect HK mini figurines too <33 and thanks for following my blog, *hug~

  5. wow..those are ridiculous.

  6. So.. the second one ISN'T a wax figure?

  7. Oh dear...some of those outfits are...ummmm....well. Never mind. My momma told me if I can't say anything nice....LOL.

  8. The 2nd one is not too bad

  9. Crazy people! :D

  10. Yup, they do seem a bit over the top! :D

  11. I adore Hello Kitty, I even had HK as a cake topper at my wedding, LOL ! I like your blog =) and I agree with you about those outfits, some are a bit too much ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  12. ..Is it embarrassing to state I would totally rock the last look?! XD I find it sooooo adorable. *_* I want that pacifier man!


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