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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Giant Hello Kitty Plushies

 Everyone loves plushies and soft toys. And sometimes the tinier the better, cus then they can be so freakin' kawaii. But sometimes....

The bigger the better!!

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 Hello Kitty looks soooo cuddly here.
I can just imagine watching my favorite movies on the sofa
snuggling up to Hello Kitty in my pajamas at night.

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 I love Hello Kitty's clothes in this.
It's like her party clothes!!
So you could take her everywhere with you ^_^

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 Oh wow. I want a Hello Kitty this big to lean on =c

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 There needs to be one in every room in the world.

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 I want a bed of Hello Kitty =0
Don't worry. It will happen....
Eventually XD

Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
 These girls are so lucky....
I wish I had a room just for Hello Kitty stuff.
That one big Hello Kitty is bigger than both the girls!!

 Giant Hello Kitty plush soft toy
It's a giant Hello Kitty panda!!
So cute!!
I love pandas and I would definitely buy this.

 Imagine if they were as big as this...

Or even this!!
It would just take up the entire room lol 


  1. omggggggg i <3 hello kittyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where can i find one?!??!?! THAT BIG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Hopefully I shall be selling giant Hello Kitty plushies soon ^_^

  3. OMG I <3 hello kitty she is the best. I am a big cuddler so that those pluush hk`s would be the best gift for me mostly while watching a scarry movie just have something to cuddle with so you won`t be all thhat scared !!!!!

  4. My GF would be in heaven if she had all these adorable giant Hello Kitty plushies <3 Please sell the huge ones again, I really wanna make her happy :)

  5. My girlfriend gave me a hello kitty doll....! 75cm big....! I was like why...! She told me if she not around for me to hug so hello kitty will take her place for the time being...! She even spray some of the perfume I like on it too...!

  6. I love it !!!!!! i wish they could make like a mobile phone not like little kids phones but for like for teenagers !!! I would totally buy it !!!


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