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Friday, 26 August 2011

Hello Kitty Cameras

My camera is pink, yet sadly, it is not Hello Kitty inspired =c

These are though!

Hello Kitty camera
Not quite sure about this one.
Looks too busy on the front.
But the color is nice.

Hello Kitty camera
Not quite sure about the color pink of this one.
But the design is simple.
I like it.

Hello Kitty camera
This would be really cute for your first camera
when you're younger.
I would have loved to have something like this.
Not very practical for... well, photography, though really is it....
Would be super cute as a fashion accessory though.

Hello Kitty camera
The load up screen is cute.
I'm not really into the color red though personally =/

Hello Kitty camera
Again, for your very first digital camera when you're younger,
this is super cute!
Old enough to hold it without dropping it,
but young enough to not really care about image quality
or anything like that.

Hello Kitty camera
The design on the front is just a little too cluttered for my taste.

Hello Kitty camera
Aww, I haven't used a Polaroid camera in years.
Expensive now though =/
But I would have loved this as a child!!


  1. Ahhh I love the polaroid with matching album!! I wonder if the picture paper has hello kitty on it somewhere :D

  2. i love the polaroid... the last one how much is this...thanks send to my email again thanks


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