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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lady Gaga as Hello Kitty

So we all know Lady Gaga as being a girl who lives on the wacky side of life ^_^
Which is why we're not surprised that Lady Gaga's a fan of Hello Kitty!!

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
I want this dress!!!
Though I wouldn't know where I would wear it.
I'd probably wear it to bed with me.
It would feel as if you're being cuddled to sleep
by a hundred Hello Kittys. 
Lucky Lady Gaga.... ¬_¬*

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
Not sure about the entire ensemble,
but that Hello Kitty purse belt thing is adorable.
I'd have Hello Kitty wrapped around my waist anyday.

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
You can't really see them in this picture
but those are actually Hello Kitty high heels that
Lady Gaga is wearing.
I wish I could wear high heels....

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
Another one of Lady Gaga wearing
that belt purse pouch thing.

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
That bow is so cute!!
I want one!!

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
This is a really cute photo of Lady Gaga actually.
I love how she's done her eyes for this photo.
By closing her eyes for the photo and painting
super kawaii anime eyes on her eyelids
and putting fake eyelashes under her eyebrows
it makes her look so cute!!

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
Lady Gaga and Hello Gaga in bed!!
I wish I had a huge Hello Kitty plushie that looked like me!
I love their matching hair ^_^

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty photoshoot
And someone actually made this Barbie doll into Lady Gaga
wearing that awesome Hello Kitty dress in the first picture.
So cool how they've done it....
I just want to poke it!


  1. That first dress...too much lol

  2. Sadly she didn't mention Hello Kitty as her parfume inspiration, among some other notes. Human fluids coupled with Hello Kitty would make for an interesting combination : P


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