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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello Kitty Cellphones

... or mobile phones. Whatever >.<

Here are some of the cutest Hello Kitty phones I've found that don't look too tacky.
Unless tacky is your thing. I just prefer non-tacky personally.

Hello Kitty cellphone
I love the color of this one.
And the Hello Kitty picture on the back is so cute!

Hello Kitty cellphone
I don't really like flip phones.
But having the time on the back of the phone is so helpful!

Hello Kitty cellphone
This one is really cute.
But it looks too much like a toy.
Which isn't a necessarily a bad thing but...
I don't know.
Maybe too plastic looking?

Hello Kitty cellphone
I'm loving that Hello Kitty face button.
And the color and design are really cute.
Looks fresh.

Hello Kitty cellphone
I love the color on this one!!
And like the previous one, it looks fresh somehow.
It might be the white accent.
The keypad is also really cute.

Hello Kitty cellphone
Samsung usually does really good phones.
And they don't fail with this one either.
Very modern looking.
You wouldn't feel embarrassed buying a design like this in a store.

Hello Kitty cellphone
This one is my favorite out of all the phones so far.
The design, the colors, the way it looks. 
Everything about this!
Definitely the cutest and most stylish out of all of them.
I have yet to find a better Hello Kitty phone.....

And last but not least.... 
Imagine that phone.....
Hanging out....
Hello Kitty cellphone


You can buy this Hello Kitty phone dock here!


And if you need something cute
to hold your cellphone,
you can find cute Hello Kitty cellphone cases


  1. The black flip one is my favorite. It's so sleek and classy with just a touch of kawaii ^.^

  2. I went to the mall the other day and you should have seen the cuttttttttte hello kitty phone cases! *__* <3

  3. How can I order one of these? And How much is the first one???

  4. i just want to ask how much is the cellphone, the six one...please send to me the price..thank you very much

  5. All of them are cute, but i want the six one and how much is it please send an email to me at


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