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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hello Kitty Harajuku Fashion

So Harajuku is a pretty big thing on the internet. 
Some of the fashion sense that these Japanese girls have is just awe-inspiring.
After hours of browsing, there were just so many pictures that I would have loved to include in this collection.
Unfortunately, this is just a Hello Kitty website (siigh), so you're just gunna have to do some of your own research if you wanna find other pictures. Just do a Google search for Harajuku. It's amazing. Trust me.

These are just some of the Hello Kitty outfits I found.

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
So this isn't exactly Harajuku street wear,
but I'm still gunna count it as it is still kinda Harajuku fashion.
That top and that plushie are so darn cute!!

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
This is another one from a Hello Kitty fashion show.
Still quite Harajuku fashion so I've included it all the same.

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
This is more like it.
Some true Hello Kitty Harajuku street wear.
All of those Hello Kitty accessories!!

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
Heehee. Such cute outfits!!
I just want to give them a big hug!!

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
With that pose and that outfit,
how could someone not think she's super kawaii!

Hello Kitty Harajuku fashion
This is kinda similar to the other one.
Just with more pink!
So so cute....

1 comment:

  1. I would totally wear the hello kitty footy pjs to scool for pj day!!!:)I WISH I HAD 1!!!!


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