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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hello Kitty Hoodies

You know that kinda weather? Where it's too hot for a coat or a jacket, but you don't want your arms to get cold....

Well, that's why people invented hoodies!! =D

And who says that hoodies can't be cute....

Hello Kitty hoodie
This is just too cute.
It's simple just yet so Hello Kitty.
Who wants to wear Hello Kitty as a brand when you
can be Hello Kitty by wearing this.
And rather casually too!!

Hello Kitty hoodie
 I love the colors of this.
The multicolored kinda graffiti look on the white.
With the pink lining.
And the ears and the bow!
This girl really pulls it off with the cute facial expression!

Hello Kitty hoodie
This is a bit more casual.
Still super cute though!
I love the pattern and the asymetrical design
with Hello Kitty's face just popping out from the side
Hello Kitty hoodie
 This is also something cute
yet something you can wear wherever.
It's casual yet so super cute, I want one!!
The Hello Kitty winking is adorable.
And I especially love the grey fabric
and the red and white candy-stripes.
The whole color scheme just works!

Hello Kitty hoodie
 I really love this one. It's so cute!
And that red totally works.
I think I would prefer the bow to be tilted a little more to one side.
But you could adjust that easily yourself.

Hello Kitty hoodie
This one is super duper kawaii!!
It's fun, the pattern is adorable
and the bow is totally cute!

Hello Kitty hoodie 
This is probably for the slightly colder of weathers.
That fluffy trim on the hood is so cool though! 

Hello Kitty hoodie
Everyone that knows me knows that I love Hello Kitty Panda!
And this has got to be my favorite hoody out of all of them!
The black and white color is so totally kawaii!!
And the ears and the red bow top it off perfectly.
Hello Kitty hoodie 
Okay, so this isn't actually Hello Kitty but way far too kawaii not to post up.
I love it.
I can't even put into words how much I love it.
I just want it so bad!!
The face on the hood is adorable
and the little heart on the pocket!!
 Oh oh, and the paw prints on the palm of your hand.
So cute.... it's just beyond words. 

Hello Kitty hoodie 
Okay, so this one isn't Hello Kitty either.
But just look at those paws!!
So cute.... 


  1. The first one is my cute :D links links i want links to buy!

  2. Omg, omg, omg!! I want them.!! *_*
    I know what you mean, the last two are super kawaii! My favourite is the multicolored graffiti one. ;_; I needs it!

  3. Oh, my dog bones .I have got have all those hello kitty even if there biger than me. I flip out when I seen all these . Hey if you r a hello kitty fan I know how you fill.I love her so much I got a roon full of her . Thats how much I like her . People should love her ,even if they dont . Hey u people out there that her ,fight till this worlds does. see u later .Hey if u r one of her enimes dont be, she just wants to help this plant be a better ya .

  4. Lovely hoodies. I want to give that first hoody to my girlfriend. She's a fan of Hello Kitty!

  5. where can i buy the second?

  6. Where can I buy the seventh one?

  7. whare can i buy the 2cnd one and the 6th & 7th? ^.^

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I love them all just to cute i wish ii could get them all i love them i really need these where can i get them all ? To Cute

  9. Where do u get the first one its soooo kawaii


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