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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Katy Perry wearing Hello Kitty

I'm not really that big a fan of Katy Perry.

I have my reasons....

But this Hello Kitty corset that Katy Perry wore is too awesome to not be featured on this site!
I am so jealous of this corset....

Katy Perry wearing Hello Kitty corset
This is Katy Perry wearing it.
That whole outfit is too cute.
Yes, I am super jealous.

Katy Perry wearing Hello Kitty corset
This is a close up of the front.
Let's play how many Hello Kitty faces we can see!! ^_^
Such a cute corset....
I love the studded belt that squeezes the waist in.

Katy Perry wearing Hello Kitty corset
Back view and side view of Katy Perry wearing the corset.
She shouldn't be wearing this corset.
It should be me wearing this corset!!

Katy Perry with Hello Kitty guitar
Katy Perry again.
This time she's not wearing the corset.
She is, however, playing a Hello Kitty guitar.
I'm still jealous....

Katy Perry barbie doll wearing Hello Kitty corset
Someone made a Barbie doll outfit
rather resembling the outfit Katy Perry wore, no?
How comes Barbie gets this corset and I don't?
Makes me very sadface =c

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