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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello Kitty Speakers

I've compiled a collection of only the best and cutest Hello Kitty speakers.
Whether you're a total Hello Kitty junkie or whether you're just slightly addicted, there are speakers for everybody!! Heehee.

Hello Kitty speakers
These are so cute!
I would totally choose the pink ones....
It's like having Hello Kitty as your own person DJ!!

Hello Kitty speakers
Such a cute iPod docking station.
I love that Hello Kitty just sitting there with her headphones on.

Hello Kitty speakers
Another really awesome Hello Kitty iPod dock.
If I had an iPod, I would totally get this.
So cool how the actual speakers are in the ears!

Hello Kitty speakers
Hello Kitty light up speakers!!
You could have a little mini Hello Kitty rave in your bedroom.
All you would need now is a Hello Kitty strobe light lol

Hello Kitty speakers
Another Hello Kitty docking station!
This one is plushy though, so you could listen to your music
and cuddle it at the same time!!
Oh c'mon, you know you would.... ^_^

Hello Kitty speakers
Hello Kitty speakers.
I think this is actually a CD player.
Haven't used one of those in a while....

Hello Kitty speakers
More Hello Kitty speakers!!
Really cool design.

Hello Kitty speakers
Makes a change from pink all the time.
But I don't know.
Still unsure about the aqua blue.
I would prefer more of a baby blue.
Or purple!


  1. That 3rd to last one with the pink speakers..omg! sooo cute!!! I need that :D

  2. Hi... I just want to ask how much will it cost that speaker... the third to the last one...i'm just want to buy a speaker like that....please send to me in email

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hellow i just want to ask if ever you have available speaker now...please send agin to my email


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