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Monday, 22 August 2011

Pets In Hello Kitty Costumes

I'm not sure whether this is animal cruelty or just plain adorable. Bit of both maybe??

So let's rate the pets who do pull it off and those that don't.

Don't get me wrong!! Not that they're not cute or anything!!
Just some cats and dogs just don't pull off that Hello Kitty look.... >.<

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
Maybe it's cus this cat is white, but she really pulls off the Hello Kitty costume.
Even that look on the cat's face with the big eyes....
So adorable!!

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
Although this cat is so totally cute, the fur just doesn't fit the costume.
Look at its lil face though!

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
Such a cute cat!! So chubby lol
This look totally works for her.
So photogenic as well.

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
This cat is totally loving it.
With the cute accessories, so totally cute.
The headgear is just the right size for her to pull it off well.

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
Her face is so cute the way she's looking up like that.
Her face looks really soft which goes really well with the costume.

Cat in Hello Kitty costume
This is how you don't dress up your cat.
Not that this cat isn't cute cus it so totally is.
Beautiful cat and beautiful fur.
Just not the right kinda fur to pull this costume off.
The headgear looks way too big for her cute little face, first of all.
And secondly, she just does not look as if you she is enjoying this
so I feel kinda bad =c

Dog in Hello Kitty costume
This dog look so happy, it's adorable.
The headgear fits well as well.

Dog in Hello Kitty costume
Perfect size headgear for this little doggy.
And the color matches really well too!

Dog in Hello Kitty costume
Such a cute little face!!
And such big eyes too....
The headgear looks a tad big though =/


  1. The dogs carry it off a lot better than the kitties oddly enough.


    *Dies from cuteness overload!!
    The fourth and fifth kitties are my favourite. =^.^= !!

  3. so cute pets wearing hello kitty costumes,will dress up my dogs with some kitty ribbons too^^

  4. Where did you find the headpiece for the dog? I'm trying to get one for my pit bull. Thank you.


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