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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hello Kitty Laptops

I've found some more Hello Kitty laptops in addition to the ones that I found here in a previous post.


Hello Kitty laptop
Hello Kitty Apple Mac fans will probably love this.
I'm not really into Mac personally, I'm more of a Linux girl.
But this is too cute.
I love the simplicity and still keeping with the Apple white theme.

Hello Kitty laptop
I love how simple this is.
It's white and clean looking.
And the Hello Kitty face next to the touchpad is cute.

Hello Kitty laptop
It also comes in black with the same Hello Kitty motif
next to the touchpad.

Hello Kitty laptop
This is really adorable. I love this.
The Hello Kitty design on the back is so so cute.
And that detail on the hinge is brilliant.

Hello Kitty laptop
Aww I love this.
I want my desk to be all Hello Kitty =0
Even without all the Hello Kitty stuff surrounding it,
the laptop itself is so cute.
With the pink keyboard on the white chassis.

And if you're looking for
somewhere special to keep your
Hello Kitty laptop or netbook,
you can buy a super cute


  1. Oh gosh the keyboard on the last one!! I love it!!

  2. do you have a link in order to purchase the item

  3. i liked the above kitty laptops and i need to buy them
    lenovo laptops price


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