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Monday, 29 August 2011

Hello Kitty Tote Bags

These bags are so totally cute, I wish I could have every single one of them so that I could have a Hello Kitty tote bag for every outfit I have. And if there was a tote bag that doesn't match anything I have then I would just have to go and buy myself a whole new Hello Kitty wardrobe then, wouldn't I.... ^_^

Hello Kitty tote bag
This is so cute.
I love the hippy Hello Kitty look.
With the peace symbol on the back XD

Hello Kitty tote bag
Same kinda thing.
Just a tad more colorful.
I love the "Be Green" and the squirrel.
So cute.

Hello Kitty tote bag
This is amazing.
The boombox actually works.
There's a little zipped pouch on the side where you can put
your iPod or whatever MP3 player and then plug it in
and use the bag as speakers.
So wherever you're walking in, you can play your music
while you're out and about.
So cool.

Hello Kitty tote bag
This is really cute.
That bow just tops it all off.

Hello Kitty tote bag
I love the pastel colors.

Hello Kitty tote bag
The pink, blue and black totally work for this design.

Hello Kitty tote bag
Union Jack / England flag Hello Kitty
How cute is that?
Has that kinda English punk look too.

Hello Kitty tote bag
And finally.... that design that all nerdy Hello Kitty girls love.
The I <3 Nerds Hello Kitty.
Both the front and back are so totally cute.
You know you want it..... XD


  1. Awww omg I love the first one with the peace sign!! So cute!

  2. Omg thes tote bags are so cute i love them all i literaly can`t choose whichone is the cuttest. Hope i can get one time to save some money to get one jk. they are so cute!!!


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