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Friday, 26 August 2011

Hello Kitty Desserts

Everyone loves a good dessert. Unfortunately, if any of these were put on a plate in front of me, I wouldn't know whether to eat it, die from epicly cute overload, or cry from the indecision.

To eat or not to eat....

Hello Kitty pudding dessert
I think this is a créme caramel. 
I can't tell though.
I keep getting distracted by how cute it is.

Hello Kitty waffle dessert
Hello Kitty waffle???
No way....
There's even icecream and strawberries!!

Hello Kitty pancakes dessert
Hello Kitty waffles?
Yes please!!

Hello Kitty cookie dough icecream cupcake dessert
Hello Kitty cookie dough icecream cupcakes!!
That's just amazing.
It's like an explosion of amazingness.
I want to eat it....
but it's too darn cute!! DX

Hello Kitty cookies dessert
Hello Kitty cookies!
They look so soft and chewy....

Hello Kitty cookies dessert
More Hello Kitty cookies!
What are you doing to me???

Hello Kitty creme caramel dessert
Créme caramel again....
Look at that caramel.... mmmm.....

Hello Kitty dessert
I don't even know what this is.
But I want it.

Hello Kitty donut dessert
Hello Kitty donut!!
That's so cute.

Hello Kitty marshmallow dessert
Is this a marshmallow?
Whatever it is, it looks tasty!

Hello Kitty oreo cookies dessert
No way!!
Hello Kitty Oreo cookies??
That's just insane!
I want it =c

Hello Kitty moon cakes dessert
I don't even know what mooncakes are.
But they look gooooood.....


  1. That flan looks really good! I like the pancakes too :)

  2. Oh my dear kitties!!!
    I want it all! I am unsure if I want to eat it or just stare endlessly at! >____<;;

    I wish to have my hello kitty and eat it too. :'(

  3. Ohmygosh, the donut looks delicious!


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