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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hello Kitty Television

So I found this TV when I was browsing through Hello Kitty stuffz for you guys.
And I'm not going to lie.... I can totally picture this sitting at the end of my bed.
Or even better.... as my computer monitor so I could sit in front of it all day long!!

Hello Kitty television
This is the TV turned off.
Even with a black screen, it's so so cute!!

Hello Kitty television
When you turn the TV on,
it starts up with Hello Kitty's face!
Super kawaii, no??
Dude, if this was my computer monitor
I would spend so many hours just turning it off
and turning it on again!!

Hello Kitty television
This is the remote control for the TV.
Have you noticed??
It's shaped like Hello Kitty's bow!!
I think what would be a really cool idea is if
there was a magnet so you could stick it on the 
TV when you're not using it.
So to use the remote, you just pull it off of Hello Kitty's face!
And you would never lose the remote again.... lol


  1. Hey I'm redoing my daughters bedroom and I really want his TV it matches the bed and dresser mirror!!!! So if you pretty please email me the site I could get this from I would be so grateful! Please?!? please and thank you!

  2. I recently changed my little girls bedroom to hello kitty. & I know she would LOVE this tv in her room. If u can plz email me the site you found this on, youd make the happiest little girl. Thanks.!

  3. Omg! I want this where can I get it?

  4. That is so cute where can i get one. it is so cute i really want one. time to bug my mom about it lol. SO ADORABLE just LOVE IT !!!!!!

  5. OMG! Please email the info on where I can buy one.

  6. Anyone can tell me please, where I can buy one for my wife :) ? Is this TV can be use in THAILAND. my email is

  7. My daughter loves hello kitty she would love this tv for her room..please email me how i can purchase it please

  8. This tv is only sold in Japan. I have been searching for this tv for over a year.

  9. I am looking to decorate my daughters room who is in love with Hello Kitty. Can you please let me know where I can possibly purchase this adorable tv. Email Thank you for your time.

  10. Where can I purchase this tv??!!

  11. Could you please email the link for this tv; I'm in the process of moving and I want to supriese my kids by giving them a Hello Kitty room, they've always wanted one!!! Could you PLEASE send it to

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