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Monday, 29 August 2011

Hello Kitty Hobo Bags

I didn't even know what the difference was between hobo bags and tote bags til I started looking for Hello Kitty bags. I think I prefer hobo bags..... They're less bulky looking, and look a lot cuter in my opinion.

Here are some of my favorite Hello Kitty hobo bags that I've found.

Hello Kitty hobo bag
This look so soft and the color is so casual.
Looks like something you could have as a gym bag or something.
The gray is perfect because you really could wear this bag
with anything.

Hello Kitty hobo bag
The traditional Hello Kitty face ^_^
You'd need one of these too,
just because it's the traditional Hello Kitty face.

Hello Kitty hobo bag
And since you're getting it in gray and white,
you might as well get one in pink and black too!!

Hello Kitty hobo bag
Definitely one to go clubbing wearing.
It's so sparkly and kinda like a cute little disco ball.
You can just imagine dancing with the lights
reflecting off of your bag.

Hello Kitty hobo bag
This one is so cute.
And the quilted satin totally works.

Hello Kitty hobo bag
Everyone needs a Hello Kitty Nerd something or another.
So it might as well be this bag!
Done in the same fashion as the first few bags
where it's just her face <3

Hello Kitty hobo bag
And this one is the same!
More for the gothic or emo Hello Kitty fans.
The skull on the bow is so so cute.
It's dark.... but adorable ^_^


  1. I like the clubbing purse. Wait, clubbing as in hitting people over the head, right?

  2. I had no idea what a hobo bag was. Actually, I had an idea but it was wrong. :D

  3. so these are hobo bags? I don't see too many people train-hopping with them. LOL

  4. The 2nd one is def. my you have any links for where i can buy it?

  5. where did you get these ?!?! (;


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